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    A Stylus for Writing Only and a Screen Protector?

    I've checked around on there, but I can't find a thread dedicated to this. I have an iPad Mini that I use to read on, etc., but I am also looking at ways to use it more at work. I have an i-Blason Matte Screen Protector to cut down on glare and fingerprints, as I often read and use it outside...
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    Screen Protectors and a Stylus

    Thread closed Thread closed due to no responses.
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    Recommend a good stylus for Drawing and writing on Ipad Mini?

    I am looking for something to take notes in meetings or write at home. Does the Hand Stylus work well? Do you have to hold it at a 90 degree angle to get it to write? I also have a matte screen protector to cut glare since I read a lot on my ipad mini. I have the Bamboo stylus which seems ok...
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    iPad Mini Case Dilemma -

    I have to say, in looking at several forums for the Ipad; and looking at forums for other tablets (Nexus, Galaxy, Kindle, etc), users of the the iPad forums are the least helpful and very arrogant. Why can't anyone just make some suggestions instead of insulting someone? If I had bought this...
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    iPad Mini Case Dilemma -

    I just got an iPad mini for Mother's Day. I previously had a Kindle HD. With this, I have the opp to use it at work and would like a keyboard, however I won't be using the keyboard all the time at home. Maybe sometimes, but it will also be used a lot to read and I don't want the added bulk...