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  1. alicepattinson

    MKV video playback problems

    I do experience this problem too, I hope someone will share how did they fixed it.
  2. alicepattinson

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    I love to listen party music and rock. :)
  3. alicepattinson

    Newbie question - will using the iPad plugged in make it last longer?

    I think yes it'll last longer because you are still charging it while in use. :)
  4. alicepattinson

    iPad 2 WiFi Problem

    The best way to troubleshoot it is to reset it to its factory default. :)
  5. alicepattinson

    Itunes-Music-Stored on Seagate Wifi?

    I couldn't get what you are really asking for. Better elaborate it more sir. :)
  6. alicepattinson

    Transfer iMessages from iPod iPhone iPad to computer

    You can do it on iTunes or iCloud. :)
  7. alicepattinson

    Airport City Trading Centre

    Thanks for making such thread like this. :) Kudos to thread maker creator. :)
  8. alicepattinson


    You can easily delete it on clipboard settings of any apple device. :)
  9. alicepattinson

    Is my iPAD2 beyond repair?

    I think it is still possible to repair. :) But better buy new one it'll cost near like brand new one. :)
  10. alicepattinson

    ITUNES Radio for IPAD AIR 2 in Vancouver Canada

    Yeah just follow what J.A. said he's/she's right. :)
  11. alicepattinson

    OT: Thoughts about our devices peripherals like selfie sticks and etc.

    Hi everyone, i just want to ask advice if this Minisuit Selfie Stick Battery-Free for Apple & Android Earphone Jack Connector (iPhone 5S and Below) will last long, what are your thoughts with this guys?
  12. alicepattinson

    My iPad is not Charging!

    Maybe charger you are using is not compatible. :)
  13. alicepattinson

    No Imported Favorites In Folders on PC??

    I do have the same question. :( I hope someone can help us with this. :)
  14. alicepattinson

    My ipad2 crashes if I try to open anything.

    Reset it to its factory default. :)
  15. alicepattinson

    Camera Icon In Corner of Screen

    Set it on the settings of your lockscreen. :)
  16. alicepattinson

    Sync I pad with laptop

    Kudos to giradman. :) Really impressed. :)
  17. alicepattinson

    Need to re boot every day

    You don't need to do it always just look fot its task manager. :)
  18. alicepattinson

    Message App IOS8 Garbage at end of message

    I think its the suggestion phrases. :) Explore and find for its settings. :)
  19. alicepattinson

    Can't restore Ipad 4. Stuck on blue itunes connect screen (recovery mode?)

    I do also experienced this. :( Please someone answer him. :( BTW Merry Christmas to all. :)
  20. alicepattinson

    OT: Thoughts about our devices pheriperals like armband.

    Hi everyone, i just want to ask advice if this Minisuit SPORTY Armband + Key Holder for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7") will last long, what are your thoughts with this guys?
  21. alicepattinson

    Not staying logged in

    I do experience this too I think it's because of the firmware some sort of bugs. :(
  22. alicepattinson

    iPad 3 home button issue

    I think it is the hardware of buttons. Not on its firmware. :(
  23. alicepattinson

    How to get Google Play Music app on iPad Air 1?

    Much better use iTunes for compatibility. :)
  24. alicepattinson

    IOS 8.1.2

    I had mine just now when i entered this thread. Thanks. :)
  25. alicepattinson

    Wi Fi only or Cellular? 16gb? 24gb? 64gb?

    Making use of device unnecessary. Very nice idea. :)
  26. alicepattinson

    So disappointed after upgrading to IOS8.1

    I do feel the same way. Its not worth to upgrade/update. :(
  27. alicepattinson

    IOS 8.1.1 Unable to Save Attachments

    Thanks to these fixes sir. These fixes work for me. :)
  28. alicepattinson

    IOS 8

    I think yeah it has. Apple always make the most of what they can. Maybe we still need to wait.
  29. alicepattinson

    Do I charge or turn off?

    It is ok letting it charging. Most of smart gadgets now don't accept power anymore when its full.
  30. alicepattinson

    Storage solution

    This also works for thanks a lot. :)
  31. alicepattinson

    A list app

    Apps? Try searching on google for reference. It'll be much easier to for an app that you prefer or like.
  32. alicepattinson

    IOS 8.1 notification center

    I don't understand what really your problem is. Please kindly elaborate it. :)
  33. alicepattinson

    How is iOS 8.1 on your iPad 2?

    I already installed it on mine. This update is good but not satisfying.
  34. alicepattinson

    Copy and paste issues since updating to 8.0

    that released 8.0 update has too much bugs. I will stay on my current version till they fix all bugs. :(
  35. alicepattinson

    Best Buy's Black Friday Offer Includes a $100 Discount for iPad Air 2

    I should start now gaining lucks for this :) Thanks for this info.
  36. alicepattinson

    Not getting iMessages on iPhone

    Try to go to settings-messages-imessage then turn it on. I hope it help you.
  37. alicepattinson

    Get rid of a zillion ads

    Those ads really annoyed me. Thanks for this.
  38. alicepattinson

    Issues with new Air2

    Mini has issues to with iOS 8.1 Makes your iPad lag and the rotation is super slow. Some apps crash a lot!
  39. alicepattinson

    Cant delete music video

    Ahmm. What did you install before you got that video? Maybe it was synced by your family member without you knowing