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    Downgrading an app?

    Im running ios 4.3.2 on ipad2. Jailbroken Searched on the forums but i couldnt find an answer to a peculiar issue i am having. I have read about methods to downgrade an app to a previous version, but i have a unique problem. I never saved the previous versions to my computer. Nor did i...
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    International sms/phone app?

    Does anyone know of a good app for the ipad that i can use to call/send.receive SMS messages to and from hong kong? Will i have to pay external charges for calling/texting to hong kong? Preferably, not. Ive looked around and all i have seen so far are hkbn and textnow, but they arent working...
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    Someone explain blob saving please

    First post! Running ipad 2 wifi 16gb on ios 4.3.3 (jailbroken) Wndows xp ------------------- Frst off im posting this thread because im worried about the apple 4.3.4 update I noticed alot of peopel talking about saving their SHSH blobs so they can downgrade their idevices to that...