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    Am I the only one who thinks siri sucks?

    Lets face it, Siri works after you tell it to change message 4 or 5 times. It's horrible and needs major improvements including the crap that says "sorry I Can't do that right now"
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    How do i find which app is crashing

    Something ios crashing my ipad. Is there any kind of debug I can look at to find the culprit?
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    Apple tv sync all pictures?

    Apple TV only seems to stream recent pictures. I have 79 out of over 1000. How do I get all of them?
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    Apple tv not full screen

    I just got the gen 3 Apple TV. Is there something u am missing to get full 1080 and fill the screen?
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    Factory reset and rejailbreak?

    If I factory reset my ipad on 6.1.2. I can simply rejailbreak correct?
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    Html in email signature?

    Is this possible? My ipad is jail broken
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    Onenote and stylus?

    I have some sales guys who want to impress customers. Can the ipad be used with a stylus? If that can happen what do users do about office? Network shortcuts? We're currently testing the windows 8 tablets, but there has been quite a bit of issues with the Bluetooth. Any thoughts?
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    Software for med patients social worker?

    My wife is a counselor looking for software for her Mac. Would be a plus if the ipad could share the files as well. She has to keep notes and patient information. Any thoughts on what would work? No excel will not work.
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    Installed apps not listed in cydia?

    I am jailbroke on 6.1.2 and I need to uninstall a widget but now half my apps I have installed are not listed in cydia. Any idea?
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    Ssl and vpn https do not work after update

    All of a sudden I cannot get on any SSl website and my IPSec VPN do not work over the air. If I connect to wifi they do. Has apple changed something
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    Email only working on wi-fi

    for some reason after the 6.1 update my email will not work when I connect to the verizon 3g or 4g on my iphone or ipad. Works fine on wi-fi. Of course they say they aren't having any issues. I have tried all the resets with networking ,etc. Same issues. Anyone else facing this problem?
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    Lowes has a scanner, how can i get one?

    I noticed all the local lowes are now using iPhones with a n attached scanner. How and where can you purchase these? Also not sure how you could buy a phone just for wifi
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    Tab key on jailbroke ipad 2?

    S it possible to install a keyboard with a tab key? If so how and which one?
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    Youtube solid white after jailbreak

    Youtube still works but it is solid white instead of the orginial icon. Any idea how to get this to change back?
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    Vpn broke after jailbreak

    Jailbroke my iPad 2?using the cli method. Every is fine but the VPN is broken and will not turn on. Is there a fix for this?
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    Use mouse on ipad?

    Use Citrix which gives me the cursor option. Can I use a blu-tooth mouse?
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    Wi-Fi Internet painfully slow

    I love my ipad but the internet is so slow. I am on 5.0.1 ipad 2. I have a cisco passport router updated with the most current FW. There are times it's fast, but most of the time I go to my computer because it is so slow. I do have a good signal. I am using WPA on my router. Any ideas?