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  1. J

    Charge indicator on, battery doesn't charge

    I have a similar issue. Changed dock connector, due to bent pins. Now, it charges really slowly. Did you ever figure out a solution?
  2. J

    ipad 2 or ipad 3?

    Buye New iPad (3). I have both and the screen on the New iPad is so much better than the 2. I gave my wife the 2 when the 3 came out. Now, I hate using my old iPad 2.
  3. J

    Targus launches new set of iPad 3 cases

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  4. J

    Best case compatible with Smart Cover

    Duragadget I bought the duragadget case from Amazon for $10 bucks shipped
  5. J

    Real Time Strategy Games

    I just paid for Starfront: Collision. I don't normally buy a lot of app, but after playing the free version and seeing that they released an Ipad HD version, I decided to splurge ($6.99) I can't wait until the Ipad 2 Jailbreak is released...