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    How to number photos within Shared Albums

    Is there a way to number each photo within a “Shared Album”. The number can either visible (on each photo) or only seen to sequence photos. Device - IPad Pro 10.5 Photos - 125 photos Video - no video Thanking you in advance
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    How to create photo album to share over icloud

    How do you create a photo album with over 100 photos to share with friends over iCloud? Is there a limit of photos you can share (not videos)? My current system is an iPad Pro 10.5 using WiFi Thanks for any help I can get !
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    Shared Photo Album upload/download issue oniPad Pro.

    I created 4 shared albums on my iPad Pro. I used the Public option within Shared Album and copied/paste the link to a relative. The person receiving the link (sent to email acct ) was unable to see all photos within the last album as follows: 1. Shared album #1 had 2 photos - no problem...