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  1. holein10

    Syncing PC Photos with iPad Air

    When I sync my PC photos with my iPad Air the way they appear on my iPad is very different from when I sync photos to my iPhone. Photos on the iPhone are very neatly shown with a thumbnail for each album. The iPad only shows two or three albums, one of which is a thumbnail entitled Pictures...
  2. holein10

    Transferring apps from 3GS to iPad2

    A very bizarre question. I have The Chambers Dictionary app on my 3GS which I would like to put on my iPad. However when I originally put the app on my 3GS I had an email address and password which differs from my current email address and password. Therefore when I use my iPad to search for...
  3. holein10

    Problem using Bump

    I have downloaded Bump to both my iPhone and iPad and turned on locations on both devices but I can't bump photos between them. I read somewhere that this could be due to a bug in iOS 5. Is there any truth in this?