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    iBooks vs. Kindle app

    Foreward: I haven't used an actual Kindle DX in person - I'm assuming the Kindle app is the same experience as the original device. Feel free to correct me if this is not the case. Does anyone else find the Kindle app experience...lacking? When I look at the difference between reading a book...
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    Steinheil AF Antiglare shield

    Just got my Steinheil antiglare sheet in the mail today and took it out to the Apple store for them to install (trust me, I suck at putting these things on.) Not only did they do an awesome job, but they were pretty amazed at the lack of glare, while the colors on screen still popped out. Ive...
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    Hello from New Orleans!

    Hi all, just found out about this board when I was out at the Apple Store today, getting my new Steinheil AF antiglare shield put on :) Jazz Fest is in full force down here, and I finally have my 16 gig iPad fully protected (bought it on day one.) The iPad fits in perfectly between my iPhone...