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    Pulled app, how to save from Ipad to PC??

    I have a paid app that has been pulled, no longer available on itunes, completely gone and shows up as gray compass thingy on my itunes list. But it is still on my ipad, how can I save it from there onto my PC, as I don't want to lose it? TIA!!
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    Yellow "Other" bar in iTunes

    That's not bad, I have 1.90GB afterwards :)
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    Yellow "Other" bar in iTunes

    Yes, double click home button and the icons on the bottom that pop up, you seem to be doing the same as I did.
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    Yellow "Other" bar in iTunes

    I also got a scare after updating to 4.3 last week, I had a whopping 7GB of yellow 'other'!! So followed advice here ie cleared multitask bar and safari history, cookies and cache. Then resynced, nothing else, and now have 1.90GB of Yellow 'other' ..........phew!!
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    Wifi problems with both iPhone and iPad

    Its a shame you cant get a new router, but check you have all the correct settings needed using apples recommendations: iOS: Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points Good luck, I know how much of a pain it is, had the same with a Belkin N+ router and I ended up buying a...
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    Ipad has serious wifi problems

    For those using the E3000, how do I get/know the iPad on the 5Ghz wifi frequency instead or the 2.4GHz?
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    Ipad has serious wifi problems

    I just set up the E3000 too and so far GREAT! Hope to dump the Belkin N+ after a trial few week :))
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    Traveling to Bahamas and on a cruise

    Hard to find free wifi in Nassau is correct, and the Starbucks was closed for renovations when we were there Christmas eve last month! We were on the Carnival Dream and they had good wifi onboard, the cheapest plan was 33c/min, but it cost us $150 for the package.
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    IPAD on Belkin N+

    I too have the iPad 3G plus the Belkin N+, and it also has problem losing connection but it also happens during use!! I never had any problems when I first got it (which was at launch of the 3G) but with each upgrade of the OS I have various problems that required some tweeking of the router. I...
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    Best way to go setting up second iPad help please?

    Where can I find auto or manual sync? It's okay I found it on the summary page I hope thats it :)
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    Best way to go setting up second iPad help please?

    I manged to set up original iPad for myself when it first came out, I do not find iTunes very clear, but I got there and have the current update working too!! Now I have bought a second one for my son's Christmas/Birthday. Before I plug it in I was wondering if you guys could help tell me what...
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    Lost music since update?

    Anyone else lost all their music? When I go into iPod app it just has a music note image and says "canceling sync...." bummed as did not notice before heading out on the road :( I updated on Tuesday.
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    Charging a US bought ipad in the UK

    No issues, did it myself for a month in June! But the UK uses 3 pin plugs so the adaptor needs to chAnge your 2 pin to the 3 pin, unlike to photo shown above of 2 pin. Also all 3 of the pins are rectangular, not round. The voltage changes automatically.
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    How to Organize the Apps?

    I am scared to jailbreak, will wait for OS 4.0 in the Fall :(
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    How to Organize the Apps?

    I have 11 pages to flip thru, thats a overload of disarray lol!!
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    How to Organize the Apps?

    I just figured out how to put the apps in alphabetical order in just a few steps woot!! On your iPad go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Home Screen Layout ....tadah! This discovery has made my slightly OCD self very happy lol!
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    How many pages of apps?

    Just wondering how many pages of apps you can have on the iPad, anyone know? Thanks :)
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    I received my shipping notification!!

    Me too!!! So happy :)
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    Prepared for Shipment Finally

    3G 32GB just woke up to a 'prepared for shipment' I ordered Mar 31 at 03.49pm. WOOOHOOOO!! :)