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  1. kimmy162

    Littlest Pet Shop

    Add me 821189 :)
  2. kimmy162

    fashion story - Need neighbors

    Add me kimbo162
  3. kimmy162

    Friends for Bakery Story

    Add me kimbo162 :)
  4. kimmy162

    Need friends for city story

    Add me kimbo162 :)
  5. kimmy162

    Treasure Story! Need neighbors!

    Kimbo162 add me please
  6. kimmy162

    Pet Shop (storm8)

  7. kimmy162

    Black or white iPad 2?

    I have a black iPad 2 ...white was out of stock everywhere I went :(
  8. kimmy162

    Best network for 3G in the UK

    I used 3G all the time as I don't have broadband. Im with three the internet connection is great and I found they offer the best deal aswell. 15gb a month for 15 quid
  9. kimmy162

    Post your Pet

    These are my cats missy and Gus :) we had missy first and when we got gus missy used to attack him... Look at them now :)
  10. kimmy162

    iPad owners average age

    I'm 21! Love my iPad! Lol
  11. kimmy162

    What game do you play most on your iPad 2?

    Diamond dash Word with friends Doodle Link and solitaire are a few of my favourites! Oh can't forget temple run lol
  12. kimmy162

    New member

    Hi I've just joined up to the forum today and just having a look around :) Only had my iPad2 a couple of weeks and love it!!! As soon as I come home from work i don't put it down till I go to bed! Lol so addictive!
  13. kimmy162

    Which is Your favorite Dog Breed?

    My favourites are Labradors , Rottweilers and Japanese Akitas.