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    Attempt to update iPad3 to iOS 6, iTunes only gives me errors, now I have no use

    Have you tried restoring the iPad on iTunes?
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    Attempt to update iPad3 to iOS 6, iTunes only gives me errors, now I have no use

    Just out of interest, is this iPad jailbroken (hacked)? And is the update button on iTunes greyed out? Sorry that you are in the hospital. Get well soon! D
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    Ipad 2

    Never mind, I didn't realize it wasn't possible to send a diagnostics log. Have you tried restarting your iPad like I said? D
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    Restaurant Story! Need neighbors

    ID: Deanp -- D
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    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    I'm still using the original iPad as my main iPad. Works rock solid - Facebook, web, forums, music and email. Retina display is nice, but it's way too nice for me and the display on the original is good enough for me. D
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    Ipad 2

    Have you tried rebooting the iPad? Also might be best to send the diagnosis log of it. D
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    What is it?

    On a train?
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    iPad mini or Nexus 7

    iPad mini. Other than the display, the iPad mini is better than Nexus 7. Tegra 3 is slightly slower than the A5, rear cameras, elegant design, 250,000 apps made JUST for iPad, better battery life. I would rather not brag anymore, just get the iPad mini and not the Nexus 7. If you saw the Google...
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    Hello :)

    Thanks for the welcomes :)
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    Down loading films movies

    What a nice Christmas gift to give her! It really depends on how much you are willing to pay. If you use Netflix, then you can download the Netflix app from the App store, login with your account and your good to go. Or you could go with the alternative and download the movies from iTunes (you...
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    What is it?

    Window frame on a plane? D
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    More Rumours Surface That Next iPad Mini Will Have a High-Res Display

    DigiTimes has been accurate since the iPad 3 release. 2 iPads (3,4) in 1 year, iPad mini, iPhone 5 to have 4" display. If DigiTimes is telling the truth about this, we could see some phenomenal sales in Apple's financial results. I'm guessing Apple opt out the Retina display for the iPad mini...
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    Google maps app help

    +1 Forgot that its an iPhone app
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    Finding specifications

    Within the iPad? It would need to have a third party app such as Geekbench but it's not clear enough. Outside the iPad? Well you got Google to help you out. Maybe someone has a solution. D
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    Dictation and Siri

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    Google maps app help

    Did you download Google Maps app on iPad or the computer? D
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    Hello :)

    Thanks Kevin. My app development wont be completed until sometime next year, but thanks anyway :) D
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    30 pin connector

    It would be nice if we could get the name of the HDMI cable and not all reviews are true, some are probably there to troll people. D
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    Hello :)

    Hello, my name is Dean. I'm currently a student and iOS developer (don't worry, I'm not going to advertise). Have skills in most Apple products/services, slight skill in coding. Looking to bring my experience here and try my best to help people with their needs. Why I chose this forum? Not...