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    Best duplicater finder and deleter

    Hi guys, Just want to share this one because its the best duplicate remover and finder for me its " Duplicate File Deleter" its really complete and easy to use. Hope this helps to everyone.
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    car mounts for the iPad

    Still waiting for a better mounts for my car before I used it as a GPS.
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    I totally agree with you seadog, the patent system needs to be changed has a lot of flaws in it.
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    Italy VS Germany

    hahaha Italians Win.
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    Google Chrome Arrives in the App Store Today for iOS

    This application ROcks
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    What Ipad games are you playing right now?

    @ Irieginal Sorry sir But I get bored with temple run, I really dont know why. A lot of friends like that game. :(
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    Podcasts App Arrives in App Store

    Been waiting for these application for a long time. yeahhh this will be great just started downloading it now.
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    Broken screen replacement

    @brittany_lynn1379 Try asking the walmart if they would help you and they will bring it to a mac store. by the way does it have any warranty?
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    modern wedding songs

    by the way guys, thanks for your help.
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    modern wedding songs

    Hi sir. I just got married yesterday. hahaha :P
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    Broken screen replacement

    where did you purchase your ipad?
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    retrieve deleted photos

    I am not sure if it will retrieved the photos, does it? just asking sir. because if it can I will try to do it. Has anyone tried doing this recovery.
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    Free iPad Video Converters

    This post is really nice. I am looking for an application like this one. This thread really helps.
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    modern wedding songs

    Thanks guys. This really helps.
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    What Ipad games are you playing right now?

    yeah it will be really cool.
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    ipad 2 or ipad 3?

    I would suggest you to go for ipad3 sir.
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    How can i forward email to multiple contacts?

    you can forward email to multiple contacts by just putting a ; after each email. Example:; Hope this helps.
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    Finally I can ditch Itunes!!

    This is really a good one. I gonna try this too.
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    modern wedding songs

    Hi guys, can anyone suggest me a nice wedding songs that can be played at the reception. I really nid it badly. Thanks
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    cable to connect ipad in your car?

    alright thank you so much
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    New Printer

    It might be good also to look for a printer with a wi fi on it. :)
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    England VS Italy

    wooo italy won. that's a good one.
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    using Ipad too much?

    This happens to me sometimes.
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    keyboard and ipad all in one case

    Can you give me a link sir?
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    cable to connect ipad in your car?

    Thanks troubleina, but one more question what cord supports 10 watts? Thanks also kaykaykay
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    Spain VS France

    I think it will be spain Sir. They have more good players.
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    cable to connect ipad in your car?

    What cable are you using to connect your Ipad to your car? without having a problem with the battery.
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    keyboard and ipad all in one case

    Is there a Ipad case with keyboard case also in one case. What I min is they are together?
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    Sims Freeplay

    I think there will be a reset of it. If that is the online version of free play sir.
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    Shrek’s Fairytale Kingdom Arrives in the App Store

    Oh Shrek definitely my favorite. Nice been waiting for an app like this.
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    Photo albums

    Its not really possible to change the name of the albums. Like they said you really have to delete and create a new album.
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    IPad Docking Stations

    @moloney_mj Sir may I ask what kind of docking stations are you looking for? because they are really different kinds. like a stereo type docking stations or for cars?, etc....
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    What Ipad games are you playing right now?

    Just want to know the games that are popular.
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    Having problems with the screen of my Ipad?

    @twerppoet Thanks for the help sir its a specific app and I removed it. Now its working fine.
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    using Ipad too much?

    @stranding I get your point sir.
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    Safari Google search box: how to clear after search

    Its dumb of me that I have encountered the same problem. Thanks for the help guys.
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    Cloudon or Onlive desktop?

    I would go for Onlive if you are willing to pay, but if not CloudOn will still be useful and good enough.
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    Having problems with the screen of my Ipad?

    Hi guys, When I am opening applications from my Ipad it keeps turning black what seems to be the problem? not always just sometimes.
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    The best and fastest video converter for ipad3?

    This thread is good and very helpful. I am looking for these also. Thanks guys.
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    New iOS 6 Maps Feature Packs Some Amazing Functionality; Includes Siri Integration

    This is useful for some people who need it. But I hope they release an app that you can easily close an application.