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    Can not sign up for mobile me

    I tried again today.... Setting / mail,contacts,calendars / add account / mobile me... I enter my email account and password with iTunes. I using this email start from 3GS. And bought Nos of apps from store.... But I still face the same problem over and over.... Cannot get mail The user name...
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    Can not sign up for mobile me

    My iTunes account is email address, but can't register with mobilme, i been trying from yesterday..... Don't know where go wrong.... Can someone advice it.... Thank you
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    Can not sign up for mobile me

    Hi, I tried many time, same thing pop up, keep telling me you password for is incorrect.... I using same email for iTunes...... Please advice. Thank you..
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    Internet thether from notebook to iPad

    I use connectify freeware, but you need window 7 OS....:D
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    American iPad Users Pay A High Price for Data

    Singaporean are lucky. Maybe Singapore is the small city, telco setup cost are much cheaper then other country...
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    USB Charging.......AHAAHHHHHHHHH!

    You can't use our PC USB to charge the iPad, because iPad need more power, form the stock charger you can see the different, is 10W...
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    We Rule Friends Needed

    Please add me for we rule, Chng238. Thank you
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    My iPad and iPhone can't Bluetooth connect with my PC

    Thanks for the reply... The cell operator in Singapore allow to tethering, I still can use the USB to tethering my pc with no problem on ios4... Now the question was My 3GS can't use Bluetooth to connect to my pc and iPad. At the setting of my 3GS for tethering,that 2 way to tethering...
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    Yet More Queuing As iPad Launches in Nine More Countries Today

    That alway new and better product will come out, but when you wait till 2nd Gen near you, maybe the 3 gen on the pipe line, you will never own any iPad....... In Singapore some guy spend 5 to 6 hours to buy the iPad, lucky me go to the right store, not much people there, and I manage to get...
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    DVD to iPad

    Hi sir, Please go to to download free studio, from studio you can choose which converter you need.... I been using that gore more than 6 months, I don't see any limit of time, it only problem slow, normally I let my pc run over the night... Hope it will help....
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    My iPad and iPhone can't Bluetooth connect with my PC

    Hi sirs, I don't jailbreak my iPhone and iPad. Thank you
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    My iPad and iPhone can't Bluetooth connect with my PC

    Hi sir miketoolz, Thank you for the reply... We are lucky in Singapore under our Telco act, all telco are not allow to lock the cell phone... I been using my iPhone to tethering my PC few time by USB, but the tethering function in my iPhone 3GS, it can tethering by Bluetooth... It...
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    My iPad and iPhone can't Bluetooth connect with my PC

    Hi sirs, I just discover my iPhone and iPad can't pair with my PC, my pc running window 7.. Anyone know why, I remember before I upgrade the iPhone to IOS4 is ok to pair. One more time was can iPad pair with iPhone? My iPhone allow to Internet tethering by USB or tooth, so I plan to...
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    DVD to iPad

    Hi, Maybe you can try free studio manager from dvdvideosolf , it free and user friendly... It easy to use just open the DVD & Video inside free studio manager, look for free video to iPhone converter, open which movie you want to convert, convert it, and it will auto link to iTunes, all...
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    New iPad owner from Singapore

    Hello everybody, I just bought the iPad yesterday in singapore,spend almost 3 hours to Q and made payment,but I really enjoy it... I been follow ipad forum for almost 2 months, it really help me allot.... Thanks everyone...