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  1. K

    Holes in PDFs

    Almost every time I open a PDF in Safari the top half of page 4 is missing. Everything else is fine. If I open the same file in GoodReader it is displayed in it's entirety. Is this a known issue with Safari and is there a fix/workaround. I haven't upgraded to the latest iOS yet, am still one...
  2. K

    Backing Up Notes

    My Mobile.Me account will expire at the end of the month and I am not inclined to renew it since the main reason I signed up in the first place was for Find My iPhone which is now free. But I want all of my Notes to be backed up somewhere. I see on the settings page that I can select a default...
  3. K

    Download Upgrade only

    After you have downloaded an update but not installed it each time you Sync with iTunes it will think a while and then display a dialog saying you have downloaded an upgrade but haven't installed it yet; do you want to install it now or later If another upgrade comes out before you have...
  4. K

    Can I take my Ipad camping and use it as a laptop?

    Apple had been selling refurb original ipad units in the online store at a minor discount Isn't camping where you leave technology behind and get back to nature
  5. K

    How low do you let your ipad battery get before charging?

    If I am home it is always plugged in and streaming Pandora so it usually doesn't get drained that far down between charges Several times a month I will unplug it and let it run until it runs out of power
  6. K

    WiFi dropping out after 4.3 upgrade

    If your iPad was getting data over 3G when it came within range of Wi-Fi it will not switch over until it has finished doing whatever it was doing
  7. K

    Any Keyboard Changes?

    I have two alternative keyboards that I found in the app store V12 Keyboard and Radial One appears to be a proof of concept and the other has the ability to move what you type into an email message But if these can be made and make it into the app store someone should be able to make a real...
  8. K

    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    The ZAGGmate has a special key for switching to an international keyboard so if those characters are supported by one of the international layouts supported by iOS it will be easy to access them. You just need to enable the appropriate keyboard in iOS. The only downside is that the ZAGGmate's...
  9. K

    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    The height of the cutout and the rubber inside the front of the case is directly related to the need to keep the screen, which rests on that rubber, from coming in contact with the keys. I suppose you could do away with all support for the iPad across the front of the keyboard but then you...
  10. K

    Ipad Numbers

    I started reading The Missing Manual for iWorks09 The Numbers section is very informative but not very exciting so I kept falling asleep and had to return the book to the library before I got into the really useful stuff For filling ranges I usually manually enter the first three values in the...
  11. K

    Why is my app organization completely demolished on my new ipad2?

    I had the same thing happen to my iPad when I did a restore. It restored all 700 and change apps but most of them were no longer in their folders and were invisible. I had to recreate folders and drag apps into them then power off so the iPad could fill the blank spaces with more icons. It...
  12. K

    Yellow "Other" bar in iTunes

    I asked about this the last time I was at the Genius Bar restoring my iPad and they said it was administrative overhead like the temporary folders and I didn't need to worry that it's size fluctuates. I don't know the numbers but it is a tiny stripe compared to everything else. I imagine it...
  13. K

    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    Stiction = Static Friction That is the force that makes it harder to start an object in contact in motion than it is to keep it in motion Think of how much more energy it takes to start a refrigerator in motion (disregarding the fact that flow wax has glued it in place) than it is to move it...
  14. K

    Marine & Fishing Apps

    What type of fishing are you planning to do Freshwater or saltwater If the later there are tide programs that would be applicable I think you could use a program to tell you the Moon phase and rise/set times of Sun and Moon for either fresh or saltwater
  15. K

    Marine & Fishing Apps

    And I forgot to mention that there are several fly fishing podcasts out there
  16. K

    Marine & Fishing Apps

    If you do fly fishing you might want to check out FlyBench This Is Fly TheHatch FlyFishing HD They are either free apps or have free Lite versions you can try before you buy
  17. K

    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    I haven't seen the new iPad or the new ZAGGmate, but this already exists for the current iPad and ZAGGmate. You just open the iPad support as normal and instead of placing in the notch you lay the bottom edge of the iPad against the aluminum at the front corners of the keyboard. This works...
  18. K

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    Actually it appears that the number of apps you can install is only limited by your available memory. I have maxes out my app slots on several occasions and still been able to install and run apps that I couldn't see on any page. When i last restored my ipad I had around 700 apps on it all...
  19. K

    How many apps on an average do people have

    I have 1039 installed and another 20 in iTunes that I have uninstalled because they crash, don't do what they are supposed to do or are otherwise useless.
  20. K

    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    I guess if the CA doesn't do the trick you can clean the residue up with acetone, but I would start with something a little less permanent like maybe silicone cement/aquarium sealant
  21. K

    iPad 2 Camera CONFIRMED! Photobooth And Facetime App!

    There are a pair of apps called Camera A and Camera B. One goes on each device and allows the iPad to access the iPhone camera to take pictures. I don't believe it is a jailbreak app but I am not jailbrone and don't have an iPhone so can't attest to that or to how well the apps work.
  22. K

    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    I am sure this would require major reengineering, but maybe drill holes in the four corners of the case and factory install button-type feet in them. With the milky silicone you might not even notice that there are holes under the feet. I haven't been using the feet and haven't gotten around...
  23. K

    Best iPad case

    it is in two parts but I would call the ZAGGmate a clamshell and it works great with the iPad
  24. K

    Ipad Custom Notifications?

    And if you are jailbroken there are apps to put your calendar, ToDo list and new email messages on your lock screen
  25. K

    Best iPad case

    I have the ZAGGmate with keyboard and love it
  26. K

    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    Call ZAGG tech support. I had a problem and found that I had misinterpreted something in the written instructions.
  27. K

    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    Try using a fingernail under the screen somewhere along the cutout in the front of the keyboard. I haven't found the fit to be so tight as to bend or break a nail.
  28. K

    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    It is throwing more money at the iPad but I got the Invisible Shield for both the iPad and the ZAGGmate. I have yet to install the shield on the keyboard but from the way the iPad responds with it's curved back when it is set on a urithaned table I have no doubt that the same material on the...
  29. K

    Ipad Custom Notifications?

    Like Tim I use the Calendar app for this. For things like spotting satellites where I want the alert to appear one minute before the event I either enter the event on my Mac or modify it there since it permits finer time settings.
  30. K

    iTunes store slow on purpose?

    It isn't only movies. Apple has capped 3G downloads at 20MB, probably as a concession to ATT.
  31. K

    What Does "Refurbished" Really Mean?

    My refurb MacBook looked pristine but it did have two or three cycles on the battery so not all refurbs get new batteries. Probably depends on the projected life of the battery involved and the number of cycles on it when it is returned.
  32. K

    iPad 2 Camera CONFIRMED! Photobooth And Facetime App!

    While I believe there will be cameras that those images appear in the beta does not mean that we will see those features in the released iOS. Case in point are the gestures which are not supposed to appear until iPad 3.
  33. K

    What kind of keyboard to get - Docking or Bluetooth

    There is a keyboard switching key in the upper right corner of the ZAGGmate that allows on the fly keyboard switching. It has the same wire globe symbol used on the iPad soft keyboard.
  34. K

    zaggmate ?

    Late at night, like now, I often use my iPad while laying in bed. I need to have the iPad screen nearly vertical so that I can see it. It doesn't like to sit in the ZAGGmate when my knees are flexed enough to get the screen in a viewing angle. I have to go naked in bed.
  35. K

    What kind of keyboard to get - Docking or Bluetooth

    I have a ZAGGmate and love it. The iPad can be positioned in it in either landscape or portrait mode. My battery lasted 3-4 weeks on the initial charge. The keyboard doubles as a case that affords great screen protection. The keyboard is a little cramped but I adapt to it quickly even after...
  36. K

    Screen Flicker

    I normally keep my screen brightness on the minimum setting. When I turn the iPad on in he morning in a darkened room I notice flicker at the button end of the screen when it is held in portrait mode. I haven't tried changing screen orientation to see if it happens at both ends of the screen...
  37. K

    Best Note Taking App for Lectures/School - Any Advice?

    I just picked up TypeLink and started playing with it today It looks pretty good So far I haven't foamed that there is any cost or usage limit
  38. K

    Many Apps have quit working

    My iPad froze Monday while I was at the Apple store for an iPad class. The genius restored it and after a six hour sync WeatherBug is working again. It's a heavy price to pay to get an app working though.
  39. K

    Pre-Purchase Question

    I have a 64GB iPad and it is nearly full. Make that "some people".