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    How much does the apple case protect it

    For a lil cheaper than the apple case, I went with a targus one from bestbuy, the inside is padded, it has a few levels for typing or watching movies, and it has a latch to keep it closed when not in use.
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    New member with many questions

    Do lots of research first before you drop that much money, just make a list of pros and cons with each one you look at, in the long run wil save you time and money before buying something you may or may not be happy with.
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    Before you fall off that high purch, could I point out, we do not get to pick and choose what parts of the updates we as the poeple who paid all this money for something get to install or not, just because we wanted to update for other options does not mean everyone wanted "all" the changes that...
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    Internet Service Type??

    Also Comcast cable
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    Webcam for iPad??

    I read that there is a webcam in the works, suppose to be out next year, but the price is not going to be cheap.
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    I agree, i did not like it at first, but it doesnt kill me that they changed it, i am trying to get used to the new location of it, which isnt that much of a pain, i wont get rid of my ipad over it by any means, i use it too much lol
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    I am finding more and more on here that some of us are told when and how we can have an opinion, it makes no sense, if someone doesnt like something and wants to vent about it or start a thread then let them rant and rave, if you do not like the fact that some do not like parts of the ipad then...
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    I know right lol
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    What they should have done was let us set up the switch to do what we wanted that way everyone is happy!
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    This works! Targus Stylus for Apple® iPad™

    Mine works just fine through the screen protector
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    Best External Speakers for iPad?

    that is fine for you, but for the rest of us we like to use it for a little more then just checking mail lol if that was the case I could have just kept using my iphone ;-) but now that I had to see your reply lol how do you like the bose system?
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    Best External Speakers for iPad?

    It is used for multiple things, including entertainment, so what is wrong with adding external speakers exactly? Not sure what you use your Ipad for, but for the price I think most of us will use it for as many things as we want, that is why we bought them!
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    Where do you store your stylus?

    I got a nice portable dvd case that works fine from bestbuy for $20 and it has pockets.
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    just bought leather ipad case for $19

    I just went back to the site and noticed it in one of the pics, weird..
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    just bought leather ipad case for $19

    I might bring back the one from bestbuy for double that price.. Great share thanks!
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    Any one know of a good site to stream?

    I think that is was they meant, unlimited as in online streaming!
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    Camping and the iPad - Preliminary Charging Results Inside

    Check walmart if you have one close by, go to automotive and where they keep car batteries, there are portable jumpers/battery packs that have a 12 volt car plug and most have inverters for 110 built in. A lot cheaper than most small battery packs.
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    Why am I so angry?

    Don't leave this site is one of the best forums have found and the people are really really easy to talk to! Just let the mods do their jobs and let them know what the problem is, but stick around!!
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    LEGO Harry Potter game

    What part are you stuck at?
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    Pogo, Stylis or Whatever

    OMG I love that game!
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    LEGO Harry Potter game

    I went a head and downloaded it, omg I am hooked, and will be looking through this post for help lol
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    Steering wheel mount for iPad DIY Plans!!! Really!!

    Wow that guy is a total idiot! Id love to see what a cop would say if he got pulled over.. I am pretty sure if talking and texting while driving is not safe, either is playing with your Ipad!!!
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    what type ipad case you got?

    I am very happy with my $45.00 Targus case lol some of those prices are just way too much!!
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    Pogo, Stylis or Whatever

    I too have the targus from bestbuy, I really like it, and was faster to get it in store than waiting for one to show up, even though the website said they didnt sell it in store lol
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    I am baking TWO cakes! Wanna slice?

    shhhh dont tell anyone :-)
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    I am baking TWO cakes! Wanna slice?

    I love cheese cake it is my favorite!!!
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    Question about wi-fi vs. 3G

    What kind of phone do you have? If tethering using a program is an option, it be a lot cheaper to go that way and just get the wifi version, thats what I do with Iphone 3gs
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    I am baking TWO cakes! Wanna slice?

    Cheese cake!!!! MMMMMMMMM
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    wow I really thought they would have done something for you, they make a big deal about using paypal and being protected from getting ripped off. Hope something works out for you, I know how it feels to get a screw job buying something from online.
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    I had a dream about you.....!!

    hmmm guess you just like him then hehe
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    Recommend iPad case

    This is the case I have also, I love it, it is not hard to get ipad in or out of at all, so might be a good try, got mine at bestbuy.
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    New Stand for My iPad

    Nice, it is simple, I like it!
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    I am baking TWO cakes! Wanna slice?

    On the chance that I might be sad, any cake left? lol
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    I had a dream about you.....!!

    LOL Sweet, what did you eat before you went to bed! ;)
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    LEGO Harry Potter game

    This game is for the ipad?
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    Do you regret not getting 3G?

    I dont regret it, ATT service here sucks big time, so was not worth spending the money on a 3G version, and at the time, verizon didnt sell it.
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    How did you pay? If with paypal contact them, they should refund your money, if by credit card contact your credit card company, somone should be able to get your money back for you.
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    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    You will like it, has a usb hub buikt in also and 2 height levels for stand its self, i love it for my laptop works ok for ipad just cant use fan not that you would need it lol
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    Verizon DSL with the IPAD, Yes/No?

    As Bill stated, if you are thinking of going a data plan, do it through verizon, unless you check the AT&T coverage in your area ( even then good luck, I have little to no coverage where it says I should have full lol ) As Matt stated cable can be a pain also, I have comcast and at times is...
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    Lost music since update?

    Yep same here, had to re-sync to fix it, weird..