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    Issues with Air

    I have had a few Safari crashes and two full reboots since I got my Air definitely an issue but .4 is supposed to be out soon maybe that will help.
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    Anyone else HUGELY disgusted by the flat look?

    I like everything bar the new colour scheme.
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    Who Here That Owns An iPad Will Buy The iPad Mini?

    Same as others have said portability. I have the Ipad 4 for home and the Ipad Mini for when I'm out and about travelling, commuting, work etc.
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    Sold Google Nexus 7 for iPad Mini

    I had both the N7 & IPad Mini for a while and though the N7 is a great tablet I found myself using the Mini all the time so sold the N7. The apps I like just aren't there for Android and although I enjoy fiddling about with my Android phone I just want to use a tablet without having to customise...
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    Magazines on Ipad Mini vs. Ipad

    I have Empire magazine on my mini and it reads fine.
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    What is the point?

    For me I needed something to use on the commute to work and at lunch times, iPhone is ok at a stretch but its not an ipad so the mini is perfect.
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    Coming from Android tablet

    I have just sold my N7 after trialling both and both are great tablets but I decided to stick with my mini as its just easier to get what I want wise and although its a cliche Apple stuff just works. I had so much hassle setting up streaming from my PC on my Nexus but its just simple as...
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    What is a good screen protector for the back and front of the mini?

    What about a sleeve? Protection while in a bag or being carried around but no screen protector getting in the way. I have one from Mujjo on the way.
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    So who is looking forward to the "New Mini", 2nd half 2013?

    I love my mini so if I have the spare cash I'll trade it in and grab a mini2.
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    Ipad Mini Screen

    Just a quick update. Took my Mini back today and got a replacement, has to have been the easiest transaction ever, told them the problem and they immediately grabbed me a replacement it was that easy.
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    Ipad Mini Screen

    Nice one thanks guys. Sorry about the photo quality I have an old S1 so it's not great, it's a lot more obvious in person. Just seen my local Apple store is open till 10 so I'll phone to check they have some in stock and get myself down there.
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    Ipad Mini Screen

    Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I'm new so please forgive me. Picked up my Ipad Mini 32g Black and its amazing bar one tiny little detail. Forgive my poor camera as it's all I have at the moment and I seem to have messed up my attachments so have included links...
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    iPad mini Review

    Nice review. Im coming from an Ipad 1 so the lack of retina and new processor hasn't bothered me, it's actually a big upgrade to me, so fast.
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    Who Here That Owns An iPad Will Buy The iPad Mini?

    I went in for a 16g black ended up coming out with a 32g couldn't help myself lol.
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    Just got it!

    Got mine Friday. Black 32gig and I love it, fits perfectly in my hand and I have no issues with the thin bezel. Coming from an Ipad 1 I am happy with the screen, I have a Nexus 7 and although its a higher resolution the Ipad mini has better colour and contrast. My one concern is I have a small...