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    Washington Zoo uses iPads to cognitively challenge orangutans

    Amazing idea, and it'll be interesting to see them play games on the iPad, haha! Wonder if they find it cooler than the usual toys and food they get?
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    iPad for Students

    Just a basic one will do, to make notes or asterisks while I read articles and such. GR seems good with all the various notes and types of notes you can make, neu.annotate seems great as well though. Thanks for the suggestion, guess I'll have to sit on this for a while, haha.
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    iPad for Students

    This thread is really helpful since I'm starting uni in less than a month. I have been looking into a good PDF reader that will help with all the readings I will do for classes. Would love for anyone to comment on their experience with Good Reader and/or iAnnotate. I can't choose between the...
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    New here, hi everyone :)

    Hi guys, I'm new to the whole Apple/Mac products and software, since I've always been using Android for smartphone, and Windows for laptop... Just bought my first iPad (4) for my current internship plus college, and I think it's worth having one once I finish my studies and go to work. A...