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  1. VampiressRN

    Vamp out of commission for a while! is hard to pick my laptop up so mostly posting from my phone...funny..never realized i would not be able to use cntrl-alt-dlt on my keyboard...the things you learn when you are out of sorts are interesting.
  2. VampiressRN

    Vamp out of commission for a while!

    i havent been on the board in a long time...this is apparently not a good karma year for me. i spent july in san diego taking care of my mom...then was way busy at work. couple of weeks ago i took a serious fall and badly broke my right wrist and a left rib. i am in a full arm cast and...
  3. VampiressRN

    How to make Wallpaper App?

    Once you are up a running and ready to link with customers to use your application to promote their art as wallpaper, let me know as I am still eager to get something set up for my friend. :D
  4. VampiressRN

    Best note taking app for iPad

    Dumb there some way in Evernotes to add bullets and bold out certain content? I am still such a rookie on this I can't figure it out.
  5. VampiressRN

    How to make Wallpaper App?

    I just got my Learn C books.....hmmmmm it will probably be outdated by the time I make it through these books...LOL
  6. VampiressRN

    How to make Wallpaper App?

    Hey are things going? I still don't see your icon in the iTunes store. Are you up a running yet?
  7. VampiressRN

    I never saw a congrats thread (direct me if there is one) for you becoming a Moderator. I...

    I never saw a congrats thread (direct me if there is one) for you becoming a Moderator. I wanted to say are always so warm and welcoming to the newbies and that is important on any board. Thanks for all your help. I have had the flu for 3 weeks so haven't even had the...
  8. VampiressRN

    Sync Gmail calendars?

    Glad this info is here...gonna try to synch up my calendars too. ;)
  9. VampiressRN

    Congratulations Sweetpoison!

    Great pix Scott...LMAO!!!
  10. VampiressRN

    Move-at-your-own-pace puzzle games

    Glad you asked this question. I am not a gamer and only play solitaire on my pc but I do that every day. I have been sick for 3 weeks with the flu and asked my friends for a suggestion of a hidden objects game for my pc. Ended up getting one by Big Fish Games and really enjoyed it. Thinking...
  11. VampiressRN

    Congratulations Sweetpoison!

    Congratulations'll do great!!! :D
  12. VampiressRN


    I am certainly not an expert, but have had a couple of dead pixels on laptops before. Nothing you can really do, they don't seem to affect the pixels next to them. Can't get any worse cause they are dead. But like Connors said, ya just learn to ignore them. If you have a warranty, it bothers...
  13. VampiressRN

    Best iPad case

    Wish I had checked this site out first as they have leopard skin print...but will just stick with what I have now. Horchow...always classy. The Horchow Collection - Desk & Travel - Tech Covers - Desk
  14. VampiressRN

    Will you name your Ipad?

    I have never been into naming anything like a car or appliance. It's not that I don't love my car/stove/ is just one more name for me to remember. I am already at password critical mass. :o
  15. VampiressRN

    Hello from England

    Best of luck to you....there are so many experts here, so sure you will soon be on the road to success.
  16. VampiressRN


    Welcome Francine...I am new too and this board is awesome...have fun!!!
  17. VampiressRN

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Welcome to the board...lots of good info here...have fun!!!!
  18. VampiressRN

    A new app addict is born are already way ahead of most of us newbies. Welcome aboard and have fun!!!
  19. VampiressRN

    hi from Houston!

    Welcome aboard....this is a wonderful community with very knowledgeable members. Have fun!!!
  20. VampiressRN

    How to make Wallpaper App?

    THAT IS AWESOME!!!! You guys did a great job, the video is fun, simple, clean and action packed.
  21. VampiressRN

    Which iPad accessories do you own?

    I have screen cover and case that allows for various positions. I had issues with the first screen protector (bubbles etc) so will try to apply a new one tomorrow). Just got a cheap stylus...haven't used it.
  22. VampiressRN

    Do you turn off your iPad or not?

    I store mine in my backpack so turn it off when I'm done with it. Be good to hear what the experts say about the battery in regards to running it low once a month or such.
  23. VampiressRN

    Did you buy your iPad or was it a gift?

    So nice that a lot of you received it as a gift from your cool is that. Fun to also have won it as many of you have. I bought mine...and think it was one of my best investments in fun.
  24. VampiressRN

    The iPad - For Absolute Beginners

    Thanks...I am doing that but it doesn't seem to offer the categories that are offered on the iPad App Store. However yesterday and today I got a drop-down box when I hovered over the App Store and just went an looked at it again and it offers the categories I was looking for. Maybe this was...
  25. VampiressRN

    Acase for iPad

    Thanks for the etsy link those are very nice. I actually have the one I do because it flips open and allows me to use the iPad in various positions. I didn't want just a sleeve. It is hard to tell what to do when you are new to a product, but what I have seems to work ok...just missing a...
  26. VampiressRN

    Feel cheated by Apple

    I bought the lowest end one available on 1/31/11 from Verizon and it was $ I missed the rebate by 2 1/2 weeks...oh well, that is why I don't gamble...lucky in finance I am NOT!!!
  27. VampiressRN

    App Icon - Comments please

    Or you could leave the W for wallpaper (because that is what your product is) and then have a 3D emblem or banner at the top in small clean font or on a gold emblem or star like how some have the HD indicated on their icons.
  28. VampiressRN

    The iPad - For Absolute Beginners

    This is a dumb question, but I can't find the millions of apps that are supposed to be available on iTunes from my computer. When I look on my iPad there is a separate app for the App Store but I don't have that on my computer. How can I get that or is there a special way to surf for apps on...
  29. VampiressRN

    What's your favourite position with iPad?

    Free is wood...I mean GOOD!!!
  30. VampiressRN

    The iPad - For Absolute Beginners

    Newbie still surfing the nooks and crannies of the board and just found this. Great tutorial. I write clinical e-Learning curriculum for nurses, so applaud your layout and appropriately oriented content. VERY HELPFUL!!! Damn your eyes Mr Sarcasm....too late. ;)
  31. VampiressRN

    App Icon - Comments please

    That one looks nice if you brand all your related products accordingly. I agree, best designs are simple, not jammed into the frame of the icon, and good color.
  32. VampiressRN

    What's your favourite position with iPad?

    LOL...who knew they had an app for positions. :D I prefer mine at a desk with it on the lowest position in my holder. your avatar!!!
  33. VampiressRN


    Lots of boards have very annoying flashing and/or popup ads, but this board is not bad. The advertisements are not glaring or take up a whole page which is nice. Plus really great vendors. I am a Horchow, Tommy Bahama and Design Toscano enthusiast so typically click on the ad to see what the...
  34. VampiressRN

    Recent iPad Customers to Get $100/£100 Refund

    Bummer...I bought mine on 1/31/11 so missed by about 2 1/2 weeks. :(
  35. VampiressRN

    How to make Wallpaper App?

    Ooooh...I love your case, I find maps intriguing. Actually this is all for a friend of mine. I told here there were no decent Tiki wallpapers and she is a wonderful artist, so we are trying to figure out how to get her connected to someone that could get her art in a wallpaper program that she...
  36. VampiressRN

    Acase for iPad

    I would have preferred a synthetic leather in a leopard print, but designers don't seem to think too much past black or neon.
  37. VampiressRN

    (off-topic) Any Tiki Enthusiasts

    Maybe you can be a convert. There are tons of Tiki havens in the LA area. Fun group of people and always some awesome event to go to. :p
  38. VampiressRN

    How much do you pay for gas?

  39. VampiressRN

    How much do you pay for gas?

    Yeah Sweet Poison and I will have hook up sometime over a gallon of gas. ;)
  40. VampiressRN

    How much do you pay for gas?

    These prices are going to kill me as I am an extreme commuter. At least 3 days a week I do a 5 hour round trip commute to my office. (Damn Tim, that is insane!!!)