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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    32gb w/ AT&T4G in white. Took me awhile but I finally got through, no lining up for me :)
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    Favorite Ipad Browser

    I guess there are a lot of perks to Atomic, and here I was just using it for tabs lol.
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    Did you buy your iPad or was it a gift?

    Technically both. 1st gen iPad was a gift, sold it and used the money for an iPad 2. Since I downgraded from 32gb to 16gb there wasn't a noticeable loss of money in my eyes. I didn't even use up 16gb on my 1st gen so I'll be just fine.
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    iPad 2 as a suppliment device for a college student?

    From my experience it's perfect for just reading, fine at taking notes (via keyboard, writing by hand/stylus not so much). If you're reading and taking notes at the same time using a pdf, iAnnotate is a great app for that purpose. I think in general though, it really depends on the class. I'm...
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    Got my 16gb wi-fi white over the weekend. "downgraded" from a 32gb 1st gen since I wasn't using all that extra space. I have other Apple devices for music and I don't keep movies or tons of photos on my iPad (either I stream netflix/hulu or remove from videos after I watch) so a lot of my stuff...
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    My iPad 2 Case Round Up: which cases have smart magnetic covers?

    I got the SmartCover just because of the new mechanics of it. I wasn't a fan of the 1st gen cases that Apple made, but this time around it's at least interesting enough for me to play around with. I had 3-4 covers for my 1st gen iPad, and I have a feeling it will be the same for the iPad 2. I...
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    When I first updated I didn't think it'd be a big deal since that's how I do it on my phone, but my muscle memory is not adapting to this one bit! Not too drastic of a change but if I could I'd want it back to the old setup.
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    About Me

    Welcome! Apps pretty much got me into the iPad as well I hope you are enjoying it! I'm currently waiting on a bluray player/AppleTV for my new but small tv haha :)
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    Hulu vs netflix

    I've only used Hulu+ so far and there are commercials for some of the content, not all of them. But after reading all these posts I think I'll give Netflix a shot. Hulu's content is great for TV shoes (at least the ones I like) but I'll see how Netflix floats my boat and I'll report back.
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    Would you be interested in a 7-inch Apple iPad?

    Depends on pricing and specs. Definitely not interested in an iPod touch, but I do see the pricing dilemma. It would probably come down to just one 7 inch model (maybe in terms of HD, but there will probably be 3g/wifi only models). More than one makes pricing even more of a hassle. I do like...
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    New to iPAD

    awesome, welcome to the forums! Hopefully you get some great productivity out of the devices!
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    Why has the iPad been so successful?

    I've convinced a fair share of people to actually buy one, and even more people from strictly bashing it to 'wanting one' just by letting them play with mine. Talking about it is fine I suppose, but it's a whole 'nother ball game when you actually let them pick it up with their hands and play...
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    Considering an Ipad - some questions

    Just posting to vouch for iAnnotate. It is my #1 used app in school as I can mark up ALL of my pdf lectures that my professors post and even record the lecture if I sit close enough! It's marvelous!
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    Which iPad model you have?

    Tons of 64gb + 3g models. Interesting. Back when iPads were hard to find, my friend used to call every Apple Store/Best Buy/etc. every afternoon to see if they had any in stock. Usually the answer was "no" or "only 64gb 3G", so I thought that would be the least popular one. I guess not on these...
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    The best case to hold iPad +BT keyboard on the go!

    That's pretty neat. It doesn't mention the price anywhere though -_- I can only imagine... haha
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    Instructables for iPad-Cases

    Very impressive. I think I may give this a try, I'm not very good with tools. I had to build a catapult in High School and that was a complete mess. I've been wanting the DODOcase but it's retail price is a little steep for me. Maybe I'll just man up and try this one weekend haha.
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    An app to turn one iPad into several iPod touches

    Nice idea. 4/5 I thought it was literally going to turn it into 4 ipod touches, guess I should've read! Nonetheless it was only $0.99 and it was definitely well spent.
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    Fish Eye Photo Editing App Suggestions?

    Hey all, I'm interested in a photo editing app that can edit the picture to have the fish-eye effect. I don't have enough money to buy a fish-eye lens for my DSLR but I love the effect and everyone tells me to just use photoshop to edit my pictures for that effect. Is there an iPad app that...
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    PDF editor app

    I use iAnnotate, and I can't vouch for whether or not it can handle 500 page pdf files, but I can say that it does everything else you want just fine. I'm a biochemistry major and I use it to take notes during all my science lectures and it works wonders.
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    Case or no case?

    If I didn't commute to school and use it so often in class (really need a stand-like folio case) then I would use it bare naked (ok, maybe a screen guard). I really like the way the aluminum back feels on the iPad. My case of choice? Macally Bookstand. Was going to do a review on it (probably...
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    Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab

    Eesh nvm I just read the pricing possibility Ill have to wait and see haha
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    Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab

    Right now the price tag is the deciding factor for me. I love my iPad but there is definitely room for a second tablet in my life. The current size of the screen is great for school and taking notes, but outside of that I could definitely see why people consider it 'too big'. Maybe the 7''...
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    new with questions

    Yes you can tether from your phone. I don't know what bank you use, but I mostly use Wells Fargo and I can pay for my bills from the App. If not you can probably just load up the website via Safari browser and just pay your bill if you have online banking. If you plan to tether of course you...
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    The iPad is just too heavy! :(

    The only time I notice it being 'too heavy' was when I asked myself, "why didn't they at least put a camera in the front?" It would be pretty tiresome after awhile to hold it up towards your face for facetime chat, but then again there's always the "get a stand/case to hold it up for you"...
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    iPad 2

    I agree, the iPad is a great size right now. I get a lot of use right now in school downloading pdf files and then following along in lecture, it works beautifully and I think a 7'' screen would take away from that. However once I'm out of school I think I would be interested in a slightly...
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    The best case to hold iPad +BT keyboard on the go!

    Do you have one? If so how do you like it? To me it seems, if you're really into that then you might as well just get a netbook. I use a BT keyboard myself, but I have a messenger-ish bag sized for the iPad and a regular laptop backpack, both fit my iPad and BT keyboard just fine. I can't...
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    16 GB or 32 GB

    I have a couple of friends who work at Apple, and they tell me that they are taught not to upsell anything and to just do their best to help out the customer, the products sell themselves the employees aim to give you a good purchasing experience. As for the storage, I had the same question. I...
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    What are using your iPad for that you didn't expect?

    I got mine for school [mainly] so I could leave my rather heavy 15'' MBP at home for my one hour commute. iAnnotate and various dropbox apps have been great for school, but seeing as how I have a WiFi only version I usually load my MiTube app with a bunch of Youtube videos before my commute so...
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    How can I transfer Keynote presentations to a new iPad?

    If you're not using a dropbox App of some sort you can always email the Keynote to yourself and then open it with your iPad. For Keynote it would seem fine but for a large amount of photos I would suggest either syncing photos with iTunes or investing in a camera connection kit.
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    Brought my ipad to

    I take it out for lectures in class and I notice a lot of heads turning my way. I noticed the guy sitting next to me was constantly looking over. I was using iAnnotate (pdf reader app) that allows you to download lecture slides and well, annotate them! (type, write, highlight, underline, etc.)...
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    -iMac (more of a family device, so I wouldn't consider it my own) -Macbook Pro 15" -iPad 32GB WiFi only -iPhone 3GS 16 GB White (waiting on white iPhone 4) -Magic Mouse -Bluetooth Keyboard -In-ear buds Most of the accessories I buy used off ebay (I don't know if that makes me any less of a...
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    How often is your iPad with you?

    Definitely replaced my laptop for school, thank goodness I don't have to carry around a 15'' mbp, now all I bring is my iPad and a couple notebooks, made my commute a lot more comfortable! But aside from that it's usually at home. I don't feel an urgent need to bring it everywhere, but I...
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    Survey finds that most iPad Owners Like to Keep it Safely Tucked Away at Home

    Up until school started it was always at home. I had less reason to bring it out with me because mine is a Wi-Fi only model. But ever since school began I've only taken my iPad and my Macbook Pro sits at home.
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    I don't understand why the Apple case is so hard to find?!

    I was able to grab some for my friends who wanted them at my campus bookstore. College/University bookstores usually have Apple sections so I suppose most people don't think to check their for their Apple fix. I use a Macally case myself, but I bought my iPad + 2 Apple iPad cases for friends at...
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    post a screen shot of your home/lock screen.

    @Jake18oly where can I get the wallpaper for the home screen? edit: nvm found it I guess I should've paid more attention to the picture haha.