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  1. MorAase

    Not printing from native apps

    There is a major problem arisen after upgrading to ios8 :( First, just let me make crystal clear, my Macbook pro 2009 model, on very latest osx, prints just very perfect to my wifi printer, an Samsung laser printer a late 2014 model. Never a problem, never. That same was the situation on my...
  2. MorAase

    My Ipad 3 drops wifi - help

    I need someone to talk to..... Sometimes recently, maybe late August, my Ipad 3 started to drop wifi connection. i was surfing the web, and then I closed the app. In the next momenet I opened Applestore, to update my Twitter app.... and found that I was not on net "no internet connection"...
  3. MorAase

    Airplay not working

    My ipod3 plays audio to my apple tv, but there is no picture. Why?
  4. MorAase


    I have tried several times the last week to download some additional Carla "modules" for my Carla theme. I get http 403 Forbidden on each and every in Cydia. All other I have tried, like Nitrous no problem. Why is that ??
  5. MorAase

    Mercury faster on Iphone ??

    My Ipad 3 runs Mercury so sloooow, or is it Mercury that is slow at my Ipad ? Tried various fixes and just now Nitro - but no obvious faster Mercury ;( Today I installed Mercury on my Iphone 4s. Samme wireless as on my pad, but no nitro on my Iphone. Mercury was blistering fast and super...
  6. MorAase

    The background of Switcher ??

    This is difficult to explain, so easy if I could show you. The switcher, that uncloaks when you drag up the screen In a unhacked boring Ipad, its gray, background, dull. How do I change it to deep black or something else?
  7. MorAase


    I need a third arm .... To hold my ipad 3 in a switcheasy canvas. Im soo tired of this, watching movies with my cappucino in my right hand and the remote for my Sony 790 bluray is just fun ;) But where do I hold my pad, crucial to enjoy plot details and goofs on imdb, must have for second...
  8. MorAase

    Pkgbackup causing lockup. Stuck in safe mode.

    H I need to learn something new today. That is - how to get Ipad 3 out of Safe mode. I ve just upgraded to ios 6.1 without problem. Then Evasi0n to jb, also perfect, no problems. I have a complete backup of my ipad 3 on my macbook / itunes. Silly me I wanted to try something...
  9. MorAase

    Exif info ipad3

    I have tried the Ccydia apps PhotoExif and Photo info on my iphone. They both works perfct!! Thus, I hav just installed them on Ipad. None of them work on my ipad ;( Why?
  10. MorAase

    Copy several files in I file

    I have kindof solved the external disk drive problem.... With a CCK i can copy my files to a usb flash drive, the same cck reads my jpg and store them on my ipad But, im copying several hundred photos, how do i select multiple / all files in i file?
  11. MorAase

    Which harddrive for Ipad3 ?? Help

    My Ipad3/ ios 5.11/ Absinth with the fabulous Ifile Cydia app, badly needs an external Harddrive (such as a Seagate 1 TB ) on my upcoming travel to Istandbul, Cairo, Teheran, Ulan Bator (where no internett and hence no Dropbox available)... The problem, I am a photographer, I take a lot of...
  12. MorAase

    Ipad 3 chrases

    Sorry, couldnt find better subj title. I have a iphon 4s and ipad 3, b0th ios 511, both jb with absinth. Both have the same Cydia apps,such as zephyr, winterboard etc, There is one big problem, When updating apps from Cydia, and doing a respring as requested, My iphone reboots fast, in...
  13. MorAase

    How to drag n drop files from memory card to dropbox

    I need some advice -- this Ipad 3 is still mysterious to me :-) i have insertede the Camera connector in my Ipad, and the jpg turns up nicely in Photos. But I do not want them on my Ipad I want them on my Dropbox, and most of all, to a external harddrive... I have both my Dropbox and the...
  14. MorAase

    The missing print app

    You might or should know the situation, you have found a super brownie recepie on net, you want to print it. It is the second page on a larg webpage of say 26 pages; On a mac no problem, you specify page 2 of 2. The Ipad / airprint Safari prints it all, every 26 pages, nearly emptying my...
  15. MorAase

    About chargers and cheap cables.

    I tried to charge my Ipad with my Iphone 4s charger. After 9 hours, the Ipad was only at 54 proc :( A) is the cable itself the same ? I was using a 5 meter cable bought at ebay it costed two dollars. B) the charger itself. On long travels, what charger can I bring along to charge both my...
  16. MorAase

    The best Finder app for amateur traveller

    I have some gadgets; Iphone 4s, Macbook pro and I bought a Ipad 3 last week :-) The two first have been with me on every travel out to big citys around Europe; Venice, Caput Mundi, Konstaninopel etc. As an old and retired "teacher", this macbook is getting too heavy to carry around all the...