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    Making phone calls using Bluetooth headset

    Actually, the answer is written out in the FAQ of an app called "Line 2" in the appstore. It turns out that the ipad bluetooth profile is not HF 1.5 compliant, only A2dp compliant. so stereo sound, no microphone. If it was HF 1.5 then you would have microphone. I'm going from memory from...
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    Vstore's e-book release on Content

    I made a post yesterday related to this, anyway, I guess you're not allowed to post links outside of this website because they deleted the thread. Which is surprising to me because I've been an upstanding member here for quite some time and I see posts outside of this website from time to time...
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    Best way to delete files off my PC after viewing via air video

    is there a way that is better than VNC, or Logmein to delete files off my PC from my IPAD after viewing them? I spend a lot of time out of town watching movies etc after work and I hate Logging into my computer at home to delete files, it's such a chore. If there an easier way?
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    my son asked me a question and can anyone in the military answer it

    In their situation, I would get a 12volt gel cell battery and a cheap 12 volt battery charger (the kind an Remote Control hobbyist would use to charge a "flight box" battery. Then get an Iphone Car charger and either get a 12 volt powered ciggarette lighter adapter at radio shack, or just hack...
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    Playing .avi on Ipad

    Read previous posts I play .avi's on my iPad all the time with oplayer
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    From Ipad, how delete network files?

    Took a while to figure out but server control was exactly what I was looking for, thank you. The only hang up is it's a slow process to delete multiple files, but a solution nonetheless, fantastic!
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    From Ipad, how delete network files?

    Hi guys, I'm a lurker here and don't interact much, sure enjoy reading the threads though. One question I've had but have not come across the answer is if there is a way to delete network files from my ipad. I have a movie server on my network my Tivo gets autoloaded with movies, and I'd...
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    iTV shows - cydia tv apps on ipad and air video for iPad. Google the rest. Also