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  1. K

    Ultra thin back case for New Ipad? (2017)

    Thanks in advance for reading. I am looking for the thinnest available back case for the new Ipad-that will also work with a separate Smart Cover or something similar (not sure is Apple still sells them as just covers anymore?).
  2. K

    Can I downgrade to ios7 on an IPAD 3?

    My parents dloaded IOS8 on an IPAD 3 and are now experiencing lots of problems. Is there anyway for the to roll back to ios7?
  3. K

    Why is my battery dying when my IPAD is off?

    Ive been noticing that when I wake up in the morning, my IPAD has lost a significant amount of power, even though its been off. Further, I have all sounds turned off. Could it be the home screen notifications? If so, doesn't the screen only turn on when I open the smart cover? Your...
  4. K

    Recommendation for a quality DIY IPAD 3 cracked-screen repair-kit?

    My main concern here is finding a seller who sells repair kits with IPAD-comparable-quality screens? Also, how hard is this to do at home? Is it worth the savings or should I just go swap it out at an Apple store (which I thing runs about $300)?
  5. K

    I no longer enjoy using my Ipad.

    I havent read up on this forum for some time now but are most people not liking the new IOS? Everything on my IPAD is sluggish, the animation is jittery (and horrible to look at) and all of my favorite apps appear to have been redesigned by 5 year olds, rendering some of them nearly impossible...
  6. K

    Can someone explain how my Ipad is playing an MKV file in Dropbox?

    Does Dropbox have its own video player? I put an MKV movie in my Dropbox to view through Infuse (another multi-format player) but its allowing me to play the film right in Dropbox! What am I missing here?
  7. K

    Recommendations for high quality Ipad Games

    Looking for the more intelligent, challenging games. i loved World of Goo and Interlocked so am into good puzzles but wouldnt mind looking at other genres too (platforms, shooters, etc). What are a couple of your absolute/not to miss favorites? Thanks!
  8. K

    IPAD 3: How come I cant get my Ipad to stream HD content to my TV?

    I am trying to stream HBO GO to my Apple TV via my IPAD but all of the shows are in standard definition (in this case, Game of Thrones). Am I doing something wrong?
  9. K

    All my sounds are off but IPAD 3 still making sounds:

    So my IPAD is making noises/sounds when I get Facebook notifications but I have all the sounds set to "off" under settings, including the ones for Facebook. What am I missing here?
  10. K

    Jail-breaking Chrome and making it the default browser on Ipad 3?

    I know its possible but was wondering if someone could point in the right direction with regard to online instructions. Further, does this version of Chrome have "back/forward-swipe" gestures too?
  11. K

    Can I somehow widen/elongate my movie-viewing screen?

    I ripped a movie and am watching it on my IPAD but the screen is much to narrow (from top to bottom). I've tried the little "widen" button on the top left corner (when in landscape mode) but it magnifies the screen too much. Do I have any other options?
  12. K

    Slimmest/thinnest keyboard for IPAD 3?

    Is there anything out there like what the Microsoft Surface uses? Ive heard good things about the Logitech Ultrathin...has anything better been released in the past year?
  13. K

    Anyone here using IMexchange2 to sync their Outlook Notes/To Do's?

    Ive heard that it works but that there recently have been problems. Anyone having a good experience with this app?
  14. K

    Need something more powerful than MS Outlook's Notes. Anyone using Evernote?

    Also, Notes doesnt sync with my IPAD, which is a major pain. I am using Outlook 2010. Do any of you use Evernote and if so, does it integrate with Outlook? I really dont want to have to use an entirely different interface/GUI, just for my note-taking. Any other thoughts are welcome. Thanks!
  15. K

    App for syncing MS Notes/Tasks via Exhange?

    Has anyone tried iMExchgange 2? I havent heard the best things... Is there anything better?
  16. K

    Why doesnt the "X" button work in the AppStore search bar?

    I dont know if this is just me but I cannot "x" things out when typing in the search bar in the App Store. Its incredibly annoying...I keep tapping it over and over again and nothing happens. Anyone else have this problem?
  17. K

    Any way for me to wirelessly sync my Outlook notes to the Notes on my Ipad 3?

    Am using Outlook 2010, via exchange. Why would Apple allow for Exchange syncing for every other aspect of Outlook (Email, Calendar, To Do's) and just leave out Notes? Is there any workaround or do I have to wait for the Office release for the Ipad?
  18. K

    Should I get a warranty and if so, which one?

    Picked up my new Ipad 3 about 3 weeks ago and still have a week to make a decision. I bought it at Best Buy; could go with a BB or Apple warranty. What type of warranty do I have with the Ipad alone and, would you buy an extended warranty on top of that?
  19. K

    Any Devicewear "Ridge" owners here? (Ipad 3 Case)

    I love the looks of it and the functionality but neeed to know if it can be used with the Logitech Ultrathin keyboad?
  20. K

    How can I get Yahoo (and other sites) to stop asking me to "Use my current location"?

    Its terribly annoying, especially with Yahoo. I get asked it every time I check my yahoo mail. I dont mind it using it but does it have to ask me every time I check my email or can I just click a default setting somewhere that is a permanent "ok"?
  21. K

    Best back protector to be used with the Apple Smart Cover? (IPAD 3)

    Am using the Smart case now which is terrible; the corners keep popping out. Am looking for a sleek/slim back protector that can be used with the Smart Cover (has a slot/opening for the magnetic-bar). Ideas?
  22. K

    Is there one clear "best browser" for the IPAD 3?

    I have yet to use anything but Safari...
  23. K

    Can the IPAD 3 automatically switch between Wifi and Cellular/4G? there a setting that will automatically turn off my 4G once I get back home, and default to my WiFi? I keep forgetting to manually switch back to WiFi when I am home and ultimately end up using up a lot of Data.
  24. K

    Chess recommendation?

    Looking for a good chess game; prefer free but happy to pay if its worth it! Thanks.
  25. K

    App that sync Outlook Notes?

    First of all, why does the IPAD sync everything in Outlook (via exchange) except for notes?? Second, is there some work-around for this? Maybe an app that will allow me to sync them?
  26. K

    Noobie here hooking up with VZW tomorrow; how much data do I need?

    I already have a VZW account. I will use my IPAD for moderate email use, and moderate streaming/surfing. What would you suggest as a starting point with regard to data needed?
  27. K

    Best app fro viewing multiple video formats? (IPAD 3)

    Noobie here; am looking for a reliable player that will allow me to view AVI's, MKV's, etc. Suggestions? Thanks!
  28. K

    What is suppossed to sync when you set up an exchange account?

    I have just set mine up and although the email and tasks are syncing correctly, nothing has come through for Contacts and Notes. Are the latter two supposed to sync as well?