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    Wifi Mahjong

    Is there an app that can be used for group mahjong on multiple wifi connected iPads or online? Is there an up-to-date mahjong app that simulates the 3 other players?
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    Find My Friends Me Image Wrong

    My Find My Friends app is using the contact image for one of my friends for the "Me" item. I have tried several things without success. Other than that it works correctly. Any way to fix it?
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    Skype Phone on iPad 3

    If someone calls me Skype-to-Skype I get a notification on my iPad (as long as I am online) even if the Skype app is not active. However, if someone calls my Skype telephone number I do not get the notification. When the Skype app is active the incoming call rings. Is there a way to tell the...
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    Changing iTunes Library

    I want to move my wife's iPad from syncing on her PC to syncing on my MacBook Air. When I did it for her iPhone it completely messed up the arrangement of her app screens (she was a good sport about it but I feel bad). Anyway to change the syncing computer without messing up her apps? Thanks...
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    Indent in Text Cell in Numbers

    How does one indent text in a cell using Numbers on an iPad 3? Thanks Mike Sent from my iPad 3 using iPF
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    Nothing shows up in my App Store purchased section?

    Apple App no Purchased Items? When I go to the Apple Store App and select the Purchased tab nothing shows. If I do a search for a particular app it finds it. I have rebooted and restarted the app. Any solution to this problem? I am seeing the same thing on my wife's iPad (but not on the...
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    Paste to Pages

    I copy an image from a book in iBooks or a PDF in Print n Share on the iPad 3. If I paste in mail the image will paste. However, if I tap to paste it in a blank document in Pages the Insert dialogue pops up. A blank document in QuickOffice does nothing when I tap. If I copy an image from a...
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    Microsoft Money to ??

    Which app is a good replacement for Microsoft Money? I need to: 1. Import all my Microsoft Money transactions into the app. 2. The app should run on a Mac, iPad, and iPhone and automatically sync between the three devices. 3. It should be shareable between my and my wife's devices. 4. I do...
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    Batch transfer of images from Dropbox to Photo Library on iPad 2?

    How do I do a batch transfer of images from Dropbox to Photo Library on iPad 2? Thanks Mike Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Road Trip Planner?

    I have looked at several apps without finding a trip (miles and driving time for a specified route) route planner that meets the following specs. I would like to have a route planner with start and end point with intermediate points as needed. The app should create a route but allow one to...
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    Photo App on iPad 2

    On the iPhone the Photo app has a Camera Roll album and a Photo Library album. Basically the Photo Library album contains the images from the iPhoto iTunes sync on the Mac and the Camera Roll contains iPhone local images. That is what one might expect. However, the iPad 2 does not have a Photo...
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    Delete Photo in Camera Roll no Photo Stream

    iPad 2 w/IOS 5 Turn on Photo Stream in iCloud Settings Open Photo, 4 images in Photo Stream Select the Camera Roll album & delete any photo Select Photo Stream - no photos! Turn off Photo Stream and turn on Photo Stream in Settings - images are now shown in Photo Stream. Anyone one else...
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    IOS 5 iBook Missing Book

    I see 6 books in iTunes and 6 books in the iPad book tab (all are selected). However, when I start iBooks in my iPad 2 it is missing a book (the book does show on my iPhone which has not been upgraded). How do I get the book back (I have rebooted the iPad). Thanks Mike Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    IOS 5 Last WiFi Connection Not Used

    Never-mind, I did not have ask to join known network enabled. It works now. Under IOS 4 whenever I rebooted my iPad 2 it would return to the last connection (just tested it on my iPhone 4). However, after upgrading to IOS 5 the iPad 2 try's to connect to another WiFi hot spot. How can I get it...
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    Bear Motion (TM) 100% Genuine Leather Case for iPad 2

    Bear Motion (TM) 100% Genuine Leather Case for iPad 2 2nd Generation Folio with 3-in-1 built-in Stand for Apple iPad 2 (Latest Generation) Tablet [Leather case enclosed in blue sleeve] Anyone have any opinions about this case? Do the magnets on the cover keep it closed if the case is turned...
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    Carbonado Cover

    Ion makes the Carbonado Cover and the CarbonCover for the iPad 2. If you use or have used either, please give me your opinion of it/them. Why choose one over the other? Also, does the magnetic cover cause any problems when using the iPad 2 in portrait view? Thanks Mike Sent from my iPad...
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    iTunes won't add PSDs

    When I did an iTunes sync today it would not add any of my .psd files. It says they won't display correctly. However, I have a couple of .psd files in my Camera Roll and they display fine. This was after iTunes updated to 10.4. I could be wrong, but I do not remember having this issue before...
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    Whole Word Search in iBooks

    I want to search for "reset" and not get "preset" as a search result in a PDF using iBooks. How to do it? Thanks Mike Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Column/Row letters/numbers in Numbers

    How do I make Column/Row letters/numbers in Numbers visible on a spreadsheet (such as what one sees in Excel)? Mike Sent from my iPad using iPF
  20. M display problems

    Yahoo News pages linked to Yahoo stories are no longer displaying correctly. The top of the screen looks like the page did not render correctly. I can scroll down the page and get text though. Has anyone else noticed the change? Thanks Mike PS I just noticed that it is an Atomic Browser...
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    No Standalone iPad Kindle Dictionary

    The last update removed using the dictionary as a standalone book. Anyway around the limitation? I tried opening the desktop awz dictionary file on the iPad and received an error message saying to redownload it again. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    What is the most flexible way to buy and read electronic books? I am interested in having electronic versions of technical books, e.g. Photoshop guides. I want to be able to buy a book and read it on an iPad, iPhone, PC desktop & laptop, and on Macs. I would like to be able to use cloud...
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    List of Apps?

    How can I see a list of all apps purchased from the store using an app on the iPad (without hooking up to iTunes)? Thanks Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    iTunes App Didn't Download App

    My wife & I use the same iTunes account. She purchased and downloaded an app on her iPad. I hooked up my iPad on my computer to iTunes. The app she bought did not download and install on my iPad. I went to my account via iTunes and it listed the app as purchased in the app history list. I could...
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    Adobe Forum

    I am trying to start a thread in an Adobe Photoshop forum. I am able to login, navigate to the forum, start a new discussion, and enter in a subject. However, when I attempt to type something in the message window nothing happens. I click in the message area, the screen blinks, and no cursor is...
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    IPad 2 Cover

    I have looking for something with the below specs. I did the same search for an iPad 1 without much luck either. I am looking for a cover for my iPad 2. I do not need a stand when open. It should cover both the front and back. It should have a reasonably secure closed position so that the cover...
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    iPad 2 tethered to iPhone 4

    Once tethering is turned on on the Verizon iPhone will the AT&T iPad 2 connect to the iPhone using WiFi or Bluetooth? Thanks. Mike Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Configuring iPad for Wife's Use

    Now that I got the iPad configured just the way I like it, my wife decides she wants one too. Convinced her that she would be better off buying my iPad (at 50% original cost - it is only a month or so old) and I would get an iPad 2. So, got the new toy and have pretty much restored everything to...
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    AT&T iPad to iPad 2?

    I have backed up my iPad and restored to my new iPad 2. Things went remarkably smooth (so far). I am starting to configure the iPad for my wife's use (what gotta go through to get a new toy). What is the easiest way to transfer my cellular account from the iPad to the iPad 2? I was just going...
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    Numbers has wrong MobileMe Login

    I changed my MobileMe account. Numbers is still using the old account information when I try to copy to iDisk and will not let me change them. How do I reset the MobileMe login for iDisk in Numbers? Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    MobileMe Demands Outlook to be client; I use Thunderbird?

    Thunderbird is my default email client. I am trying to get MM to work on my PC. It wants me name outlook as my default email client. I do not use Outlook for email, have no email accounts defined in Outlook, do not sync email in iTunes. This trial is starting to be a real trial. Does anyone...
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    Dropbox vs MobileMe

    How do these apps compare with regard to usability and performance? Advantages of one over the other? I have used the free dropbox app. Thanks, Mike Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Numbers vs Quicksheet vs Docs to Go

    I have both Numbers and Quicksheet. Neither one meets my Excel spreadsheet needs. If I could just combine the two. I would appreciate a comparative analysis from anyone that has used these and Docs To Go. Is it worth buying yet another app? Thanks Mike
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    Quicksheet Cell Paste

    I use Numbers and Quicksheet. I wish I could find something that combined the features of both. But, In Quicksheet, I have a cell that has =VALUE(C6). I want to do a manual copy/Paste Values to a cell in a different worksheet. With Numbers, I get the option to do a "Paste Formulas -- Paste...
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    What Happens When One Trades

    I am toying around with the idea of letting Best Buy buy back my iPad 1 and getting an iPad 2. Are my files transferable between the two? If yes, would this be done via iTunes? Can I uninstall my apps on 1 and then install them on the new iPad 2? If yes, how? Is it possible to install an iPad...
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    Calendar Repeat of 2nd Sunday of Month

    Daylight Savings Time starts on the 2nd Sunday of March. I have not been able to find a way to set that pattern in the Repeat menu choice. As a result, one cannot program in a recurring pattern for DST. I found this by noting that the iPad was having problems with recurrence patterns of that...
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    iTunes Error 7

    When iTunes updated it said that an error which prevented the update. However, everything seems to running correctly -including updating the iPad to 4.3. I really do not want to have to do an uninstall/reinstall if I do not need to. Advice? About the only change I see in iTunes is that I can no...
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    Copy Event in Caledar

    I can drag an event from one day to another which is equivalent to cut/paste. In Outlook one hold the control key and it changes the operation to copy/paste. Does an means exist on the iPad to do the same thing? Thanks PS How does one do caps lock on the iPad?
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    Changing Cell Format in Numbers

    Is it possible to change the format of data in a cell? For example, I have 1234.78 in a cell in text format. I want to change it to currency $1,234.78. I have tried selecting Currency in the Format dropdown, but it does not do the change. Thanks
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    Photoshop Express Does Not See Photos

    I have 3 photos that are visible when I use the Photo app on the iPad. I start PS Express on the iPad and click Edit. It says no photos and that I can sync photos onto the iPad using ITunes. However, I have already done a sync of the photos using iTunes (which is why I can see them when using...