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    ZUM SC back cover

    Checked with my friends and one of them really had the iPad 2 damaged because of the accidental detachment of the smart cover:( he had paid almost $200 to fix... and its not covered by apple. I believe the zum case is good for me.. just ordered one from amazon. wish I had made the right...
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    ZUM SC back cover

    Thanks for the heads up... i think I should borrow an iPad2 from my friend to see if the easy removal is a benefit or not.. but my 7 year old may use it... too...
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    An recommendation for Smart cover compatible back cover?

    Thanks for your help... I have found out there are some negative reviews on the belkin case.. anyone has more info about the zum case? never heard about the brand
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    Belkin FlipBlade Adjust Review

    is it easy to carry around?
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    ZUM SC back cover

    Thanks for your recommendations... I checked the belkin .. case but it has plenty of negative feedbacks.. and after I have done some research and found out lots of people recommend this case ZUM SC ULTIMATE review - highly recommend for smart cover users - MacRumors Forums I found out their...
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    Back up battery for iPad 2

    Just ordered my iPad 2, and I will do a lot of presentation ... do I need an iPad 2 back up battery? any recommendation? thanks! Cherry
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    An recommendation for Smart cover compatible back cover?

    Hi, I am new and I just ordered my iPad2 and smart cover. I am looking for something to protect the back. My ideal case must be very slim and must compatible with smart cover. anyone has any idea?
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    iPad Newby

    will get my first iPad later next week... not sure if IOS5 is preloaded... hope i don't have that problem....
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    Restore will bring it back to Factory delivered condition ??

    i believe so.. thats what restore mean right??
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    What is the must have accessories for Ipad 2

    i think smart cover is a must have accessory for iPad 2... right??
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    Cases, covers and accessories

    any recommendation for smart cover users??