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    Downloading books

    Well, I think you could find some good and free book via Google ;) FYI, turn to this list: MobileRead Wiki - Free eBooks
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    iTunes. Is it really so bad?

    Well, the iTunes runs fine on my MacBook and iPad, And I get many free apps for my iPad...
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    New Amazon Fire Tablet killing the iPad? We think not.....

    Well, no camera, no microphone, for $199 to buy an lighter, thinner e-book reader is OK, but if compared to the iPad, I think the iPad have much superiority, not only have got many users, but also the hardware is better I think. Maybe to be a ereader and video&movies watch device is great! And...
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    iPad sales dropping ?

    Perhaps Apple already achieved sales target of iPad. :p
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    Which one I have to buy? The iPad or iPad 2?

    I think you'd better to buying iPad now, you need to wait the iPad 2 for a long time
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    Should wait for iPad2?

    If you have enough patient to wait a Apple's product, please wait, Or buy one, right away.
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, all of them were bought on 2010.
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    iPad 2 may be coming in April

    I am waiting, but this is just another rumor on Apple
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    You tube problems

    May be you did't install the skyfire app which make you browsing flash website on iPad.
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    Top 8 Best iPad apps for watching video

    I got a round top 8 best iPad apps for watching video, to help you consume your favorite televisions shows and movies to the utmost. Netflix App - Top 1 video watching iPad apps ABC App - Top 2 video watching iPad apps YouTube App - Top 3 video watching iPad apps Air Video App - Top 4...
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    Save YouTube videos to your iPad for offline viewing

    Benefit more, I will try it. thank you, Burnett
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    Verizon Will Sell CDMA-Compatible iPads

    I think that is another rumor about Apple
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    Verizon iPhone is here!

    Though the Verizon iPhone 4 has nothing diffirent but the radio. It is made to work with Verizon’s CDMA network otherwise it just the same device. Though it is a code division multiple access(CDMA) Phone and not a Long-Term Evolution(LTE)phong, I will still buy one and an Aneesoft video...
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    New Angry Birds HD Free Version Released for iPad

    When does the windows version will be released?:D
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    ZombieSmash! HD Reduced to $0.99

    Yes, I like it very much!
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    Google Voice Now Supports iPad

    That is one nice & Free app.
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    Friendly for Facebook iPad App is Now Free

    Rarely used, but well, Thank you
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    Best Buy Giving Away free MiFis with iPads

    Good idea. I will think about.
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    12 Fantastic iPad Photo Apps

    Me too!
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    Second-Gen iPad Coming Early 2011?

    In fact, I think this is one rumor.
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    12 Fantastic iPad Photo Apps

    It looks awesome! But it is paid. Anyone can share really Free with all? I own just on Free photo edit software, but it only works on my windows, oh~~~
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    iPad Was Google’s Second Most Searched for Term in 2010

    It is granted that iPad become so popular and famous. Apple always lead fashion, iPad opened the door of tablet new world this year, If possible, don't miss an ipad! ipad is so fantastic! now ,i am a ipad user , i use my ipad playing games, whach movies, sending e-mail ect. at the same time...
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    It's official - I'm getting an iPad for Christmas

    congratulate! The new iPad will coming soon. I also get an iPad, I think it is so wonderful! I love it very much. And here you may want to know more about iPad.
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    Top 10 iPad Games

    Angry bird ,Plants vs. Zombies HD, And Both of them are shown on this iPad game list.
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    What do you hate the most about your Ipad?

    I really like this birthday gift which my dad give me. However, I also really hate that there is no flash support which make me missing so many wonderful program, I have to watch on my computer, secondly, there is no outlay keyboard, I can't type text directly, at last, the iTunes can't...
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    iPad 2 Shipping by the end of February 2011?

    Yes, I am very expecting the next iPad, but i have a little worried about, iPad sales very successfully this year, but the next iPad may not have such a smooth trip as which will meet a lot of competitors such as galaxy Tab, Playbook,Motopad. but I am still support iPad and expect the...
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    Very Nice iPad Wallpapers

    Very nice list, Thank you very much, I also share some nice iPad wallpapers for all, I think these wallpapers are so beautiful on my desktop. and we also can give our iPad as a Christmas Day gift. So i share for everyone. I hope you'll like them. Thank you.:)
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    iPad 2 Rumors And Speculation (Late November 2010)

    There are so many rumors about iPad 2 Recently, i heared that iPad 2.0 will released on Christmas Day this year. But i think that is impossible, than USB, external keyboard, flash, keep the original screen size. 9.7 Above is my desire for iPad 2.0
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    Should Apple reconsider 7 inch?

    I also heard many rumours about the next iPad. I think the next one will be better and released soon.However, I hope that apple will keep the 9.7-inch size.Honestly speaking, The most important reazon i chose to Ipad is that the screen size is very comfortable, which can make me enjoying movies...
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    Best DVD to iPad tool ?

    I am using. runs well! 3ks.
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    Would iPad replace my Kindle?

    well, reading on kindle or ipad is a convenient thing for all , but which always make my eyes uncomfortable, so, i prefer the print book ~ for me , i am not a e-read hobbyist but a movie enthusiast, so i get a ipad , i can enjoy any videos with my free ipad video edit software .But for most...
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    Watch FLASH Videos On Your iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad

    skyfire offered flash on my iPhone 4, but i can''t like it. it is paid, unconvenience and it is only a browser. When dose iPhone OS can play flash and when does Adobe company can collaborate with APPLE? i also read a article about install flash on iphone . i don't if it can work.
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    Any decent free iPad games?

    Very nice info, thank you.
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    Welcome to - Your Apple iPad Forum & Community

    It is a successful forum.
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    AirPrint On iOS From ANY PRINTER (No Special Printer Needed)

    HI....:D The first post, Memorable!