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  1. Commodore

    Losing power overnight

    Is there any iPad Mini 5 owner out there who also encountered idle battery drain overnight? It's not critical (around 2%), but it's there. I have no idea whether this is an iPadOS or iPad Mini 5 issue, or a faulty battery, as I bought the device just a little over a week ago. And thus far, I...
  2. Commodore

    Update to 12.1 broke 3rd party applications access to iDevices

    Thanks, I upgraded it and it works. I though it would put the new version under c:\Program Files\i-Funbox DevTeam\, but it seems to have kept it in c:\Program Files (x86)\i-Funbox DevTeam\ (and with both 32- and 64-bit versions).
  3. Commodore

    Update to 12.1 broke 3rd party applications access to iDevices

    Glad to hear, going to try it out soon. Do I have to remove the old iFunBox first (I remember some updates would just add another installation of the application along the old one)?
  4. Commodore

    Exporting iMessages

    And if I have Windows, I'm out of luck till next jailbreak or something?
  5. Commodore

    Update to 12.1 broke 3rd party applications access to iDevices

    Thanks! Is there a 32-bit version? I'd prefer to do this on my secondary computer (32-bit Windows 7) and leave the main one intact.
  6. Commodore

    Exporting iMessages

    What (free, if any) options do I have on an iPad running iOS 8.1.3 if I want to export all imessages (including attachments/photos)? Preferably into HTML or RTF files. (I only know of the option of copying the sms.db file from an iDevice when it's jailbroken.)
  7. Commodore

    Update to 12.1 broke 3rd party applications access to iDevices

    Any idea where I could get the previous version? This page only keeps certain versions. I also checked and, but for some reason they only go up to around v11.
  8. Commodore

    Update to 12.1 broke 3rd party applications access to iDevices

    Is iMazing also affected? Or else, this sounds almost deliberate then. My guess was that the 32-to-64-bit upgrade (on Windows) messed up the paths to drivers (as the new installation is in "Program Files" and previous was under "Program Files (x86)").
  9. Commodore

    Update to 12.1 broke 3rd party applications access to iDevices

    I recently updated to the latest iTunes version on my 64-bit Windows 7 computer. Some time after that, I noticed that 3rd party applications that work with iDevices (at first I needed iFunBox, and today I needed Taig jailbreak tool; I presume it would be pretty much the same with all others as...
  10. Commodore

    Does one have to upgrade to iOS 8.1?

    If you're referring to the space required to perform the OTA iOS upgrade, then your best bet is to connect the iDevice to the computer running iTunes, and update it there. AFAIK it doesn't have available space requirements this way, and that red 1 will go away when you're done (yep, the only way...
  11. Commodore

    Orientation sensor has a life of its own on 8.1

    Did anyone else notice that the orientation sensor keeps working even when on standby? That is, when you awake the iPad, its screen orientation will correspond to the last position which triggered the orientation change even if it was on standby. This is especially evident if you put the iPad...
  12. Commodore

    iCloud Caution when updating to iOS 8

    I think "give them some of it" has been a paradigm long enough in this business... it wouldn't surprise me if Tim kept Steve's notebook of ideas and plans in a safe somewhere, and only turning a few of them into reality every season.
  13. Commodore

    iCloud Caution when updating to iOS 8

    I know the Drive just makes the Documents & Data portion of iCloud visible... well, apparently, not yet for all apps, and we have yet to see what happens with those. And Safari (which is still "invisible" at this point) should be the 12th icon (so you could manage it there as well)... there's...
  14. Commodore

    Bits and Pieces of iOS 8 Scattered All Over The Place

    Podcasts and iBooks are undeletables, yes; however, I was able to delete iTunes University.
  15. Commodore

    iCloud Caution when updating to iOS 8

    About iCloud Drive... From what I can tell, some of the apps still need to be updated so that their default folders are actually displayed in iCloud Drive (either on or on Windows file system when using iCloud Control Panel). Namely, there are some apps that I've now enabled for...
  16. Commodore

    Free space on iOS devices

    What's the "proper" amount of available storage space on "empty" devices with iOS 8? I understand it's a bit less than with iOS 7. On my iPad mini retina 32 GB, Settings app (or 3rd party system apps) displays 26.34 GB. On my iPhone 4S 64 GB, it shows 56.58 GB. (I vaguely remember these numbers...
  17. Commodore

    Why two places for choosing new mail sound

    Under Settings >Sounds, you can choose the sound for New Mail. However, if you go to Settings > Notifications > Mail, you can also choose sounds for new mail under each account listed there. Is this merely to differentiate where the email was received by means of notification sounds (if you...
  18. Commodore

    StatusModifier and IP and network name

    On my old iPad running iOS6.1, the status bar would also display current IP as well as current wifi network name. I can't find this option in StatusModifier tweak on iOS7 (other than date, time, and RAM). Is it not supported? Is there any way to add network name and IP to status bar in 7?
  19. Commodore

    Jailbreak iPad 4 7.1.1 error?

    I experienced the same issue yesterday when I tried it. It ended up in those question marks (I don't have the Chinese fonts installed). I repeated the procedure, everything seemed pretty much the same, including the ending with the question marks. Except that this time Cydia was installed on the...
  20. Commodore

    ipad 3rd gen

    A related question... can older iDevices (those which are on their last iOS, not the newest iOS) be restored and jailbroken without limits? E.g. the first iPad, if I remember correctly, can't be updated past iOS 5.1.1. So you can restore it to 5.1.1 as you wish, and jailbreak immediately (and...
  21. Commodore

    New iMessages not added to a new/restored device

    I'm not sure whether this is yet another iMessages bug, but it can be annoying when it happens. Here are my observations: -If you have an iDevice offline for a day or two, and use iMessages on another one, you will get all those messages on the offline device once you put it back online. Make...
  22. Commodore

    App file "sharing" in iTunes (Apps tab)

    I thought that part always points to just the /Documents folder within app's sandbox, so nothing critical there.
  23. Commodore

    App file "sharing" in iTunes (Apps tab)

    Is it possible that the "file sharing" section on Apps tab in iTunes still supports one-level files only (flat structure)? That is, you can't create and use a folder there. (So that you need to use iExplorer, iFunBox etc. for this purpose.)
  24. Commodore

    Erase all content and settings - is it "foolproof"?

    So the new owners, in case they jailbreak the device at some point, shouldn't come across some old Cydia tweaks and/or their settings files, and eventual custom folders and their contents, from the original owner? By the way, when you use OTA iOS update, does the iDevice keep the .ipsw files on...
  25. Commodore

    Erase all content and settings - is it "foolproof"?

    Thanks, but I read that page just prior to posting this thread. Not enough details for an above-average user (and of course they won't mention jailbreak). :) However, "Erases user settings and information by removing the encryption key that protects the data" means the data is still there (if...
  26. Commodore

    Erase all content and settings - is it "foolproof"?

    Does the "Erase all content and settings" option always wipe everything and puts iDevice into "factory default" state? That is, even if such device was at some point in the past jailbroken (or more precisely - if you restored from a backup of an iPad that was once jailbroken, to a new one that...
  27. Commodore

    Restoring from backup with unsorted icons

    OK, so that's by design then. My wishful thinking in this case is that there should probably be an option to exclude transferring purchased installed apps from an iDevice to computer -- just like there are such options for contacts, calendar, notes, music...
  28. Commodore

    Restoring from backup with unsorted icons

    Hm, I have all those three settings just the way you're describing, it's been like that pretty much from the start. The transfer purchases is however always one of the steps after clicking the SYNC button at the bottom of iTunes desktop application. Maybe it's some sort of leftover bug then...
  29. Commodore

    Restoring from backup with unsorted icons

    It all makes sense. However... ...I don't think there's an "if" in this case anymore. I do remember "transferring purchases" was optional some time ago (because I sometimes did it explicitly with right click in iTunes and choosing "Transfer Purchases" from the menu). But nowadays, apps are...
  30. Commodore

    Restoring from backup with unsorted icons

    Not according to my experience from when I had my first restore (I think it was last year) -- that's why I mention this. I had no IPA files there (as mentioned, they were on an external disk), and restore merely complained how apps could not be found. After moving them back to their original...
  31. Commodore

    Restoring from backup with unsorted icons

    On a related note, is there any (non-time consuming, such as deleting them selectively one by one from within iTunes desktop application) way to sanitize the contents of ...\iTunes\Mobile Applications\ folder? I see I have almost 1500 IPA files in there, totaling a little over 80 GB. Quite some...
  32. Commodore

    Restoring from backup with unsorted icons

    I checked the list of tweaks I exported a while ago and yes, IconSupport is listed. Is it used by Iconoclasm and similar tweaks? In 6.1, I did use 6x6 layout on home-screens, as well as "infinite" folders. I never used nested folders, though. So maybe that was the culprit (although I don't think...
  33. Commodore

    Restoring from backup with unsorted icons

    I restored backup of a previous iPad (which was jailbroken and running iOS 6.1) on a new one (7.1.1). The icons/apps were all garbled, and bore very little resemblance to my previous layout. Last time I did this (about a year ago) was the same (that was when upgrading from 5.something to...
  34. Commodore

    OK to switch "souls" between iPad and iPad Mini?

    Is it possible to switch the setups of an iPad and an iPad Mini (both 32 GB), using iTunes, by restoring the iPad Mini's backup onto the iPad, and the iPad's backup onto the iPad Mini? Can it cause any issues?
  35. Commodore

    Dark areas too dark

    Why are the dark areas in The Walking Dead so dark you can hardly see anything? Even if I turn up the brightness, it doesn't help much (the bright areas just glow more, whereas the dark areas are just a bit less darker, but still pretty dark in comparison to the bright and midtone areas). Is...
  36. Commodore

    All Apps Are Up To Date (not)

    That has nothing to do with 7 only. Non-compatible updates never display as updates or badge only. There were a few updates in the last days, which I found through Search within App Store (the latest one was Facebook app). I vaguely remember I had a similar issue quite a while ago, and it...
  37. Commodore

    6x6 icon layout for iOS7x

    I guess it'll be time to finally upgrade my faithful iPad from 6.1 to 7.1x when jailbreak is available... as most tweaks I need and use are now covered within Control Center, just one question remains: Which tweak (or tweaks, if there are more options) make use of 6x6 icon layout on iPad home...
  38. Commodore

    Empty notification emails

    I've received two forum reply notification emails today which were completely empty. Did anyone else encounter this? I'm just not sure if it's a forum issue, or related to my email forwarding settings. The empty emails were not sequential, though (i.e. the last one was empty, than two pieces...
  39. Commodore

    Closing applications actually drains battery (Still under testing)

    Not sure about that... process list is a pretty straightforward thing -- a process either runs or not. iOS is after all a *NIX (BSD) derivative, and even issuing "ps" command in a terminal on a jailbroken iDevice displays those apps running. Now, unless the system reduces their CPU and memory...