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    What are the "must buy accessories" for Ipad 2

    gizmodo has an excellent summary table over what model should work best for you. as for "must have" the only thing i need is a "skin" from best skins ever, far cheaper than zagg. the apple smart cover isn't so smart when the back of your ipad gets all scratched up.
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    Are you an Apple Fanatic? What Apple products do you own?

    way too much going back all the way to my apple ][, which still works just fine.
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    i was a fence sitter. couldn't decide between 3g and non-3g. decided to reserve one (64g) at my local apple store this week. since you don't have to drop any money i have until the 3rd to make up my mind and get it, or wait. so there isn't any cost to sit on the fence, but have an option. i...
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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    Well sadly I'm not going to pre-order. I can't decide between 3g and wifi only, or waiting now for the iPad 2.0. If it had a front-facing camera for video chat it would be a slam dunk. But my money stopped burning a hole in my pocket over the past few weeks. I have a feeling I'll walk into an...
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    The Reason for No Flash

    a similar discussion was brought up on another forum i frequent. installing flashblock/noscript on your desktop and viewing site is not the same experience as viewing it on an iphone (and soon ipad). many sites out there look at what browser you are using and will direct you to a mobile version...