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    I'm all updated on my ipad2.

    Yeah, I edited it above. Just seems to be certain apps. Pulse doesn't work ( it did before) and Tapatalk seems to be intermittent. Others like email are working fine.
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    I'm all updated on my ipad2. YouTube app is annoying. Any idea when Google will have the iPad app ready? Also, did they remove the 'tap to top' feature where you could tap the black bar at the top to jump back to the top of a web page or app? I really loved that and always wished my Android phone had it. I'm on...
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    Good note taking APPS?? FREE***

    I tried Catch and Evernote and a bunch of others, but stuck with Evernote. Seems to be about the best one I've tried. And it's free and will sync everywhere (iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, etc). Probably can't create anything as pretty as Pages, but if you just need to take some notes, it'll fit...
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    Note taking using voice (app)

    I use Evernote for all my note taking needs. Text, voice, photos, videos....syncs to all my devices, etc.
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    Emailing videos...

    I put everything on YouTube....I just make them private so nobody can see them without a direct link (then of course I email the link to them). Of course you can invite people to your channel and then they can subscribe and only they can view the videos. I couldn't picture emailing videos (no...
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    Chrome Browser

    Works ok for me on my ipad. As expected the Android version blows it away,but that has to do with the OS (or more accurately, how iOS is more locked down, so Google can't give the full functionality). I just really wanted my bookmarks to sync between devices, something I had to previously use...
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    Sync itunes with music on andriod

    Download Doubletwist from the Google Play store, which will sync your Android phone with iTunes. Alternatively you can just copy the mp3 files directly to your Android phone (connect the phone to your PC with a USB cable and it'll open up just like a flash/thumb drive and you can just copy the...
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    Favorite a YouTube video?

    Thanks. I mostly seem to have the issue with a couple other apps, like Pulse as one example. Oh well.
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    Favorite a YouTube video?

    Yeah that works in the YouTube app but not what I was asking. Thanks for the replies.
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    Favorite a YouTube video?

    Ok...driving me crazy. When I view a YouTube video embedded in a page or an app (like Pulse) how do I add it to my favorites?
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    FaceTime only works between iDevices and even the, both ends have to be on wifi. Once ios6 comes out, you'll be able to use FaceTime over 3G or 4g....but only with a new iPad 3 or iPhone 4s. Skype will do it all....wifi, 3G, 4G, iPhones, iPads, androids, pcs....anybody using Skype. I...
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    Task killer

    Off topic, but even the developers of Android task killers say you don't need them (they did help about 3 years ago, but not now). That being said, the interwebz is full of people who still use them. However, there have been several people at work who were complaining about Android's stability...
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    Good app for financial organiser

    I use Consolidates all my accounts, investments, debts, etc together. I did a lot of research before using it so I'm comfortable with the security around it (since it does require you put in all your various account information to consolidate it all together). But it does provide...
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    Best apps for Google apps.

    Thanks. I did find gMusic but since it wasn't an 'official' Google Music app I figured I'd ask for opinions before purchasing. I suppose the iPhone version of Voice will be good enough.
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    Best apps for Google apps.

    Looking for the best apps for Drive, Music and Voice (if available). Any suggestions?
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    Can I use a smartphone as a wifi hotspot and tether my ipad2 to it?

    Pretty sure that is the case. I use my Android phone as a hotspot a lot and never got that wifi message. I think it should be fine. All the iPad knows is that it's connected to a wireless has no idea what kind of connection that network is using.
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    Kindle not syncing

    I switch back and forth from my iPad to my android phone to my lpatop on a fairly regular basis and it all syncs up fine....assuming I have an Internet connection on whatever device I'm using at the time.
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    Anybody like me?: Love the iPad, but prefer Android phones over the iPhone?

    I suppose we're supposed to be impressed (Cydia, I presume?). Not quite as impressive as 6500+ pages of customized Android phones :) I'm only partly kidding. And it doesn't negate the "dumbed down" comments we were referring to. [Moderator edit: Removed link to,external forum. Please read the...
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    Anybody like me?: Love the iPad, but prefer Android phones over the iPhone?

    Don't get me wrong, I know exactly what an iPhone does. If you're serious and you have no idea what Android does that the iPhone doesn't (more accurately, iOS doesn't) then I'd be happy to help. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, but Android does quite a bit if you're willing to...
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    Anybody like me?: Love the iPad, but prefer Android phones over the iPhone?

    All of that is easily done with Android (and it'll sync with the phone, your iPad (or iPhone), your PC and pretty much any other device). It's hardly remarkable or unique to iOS, so I'm not sure what you're going on about. My calendar appointments, emails, messages, and favorites (and various...
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    Can Android do that? Can iOS do that?

    Good list, but the above is a nice feature. For example, on my phone I can have the same app in a Music and a Multimedia folder. Or I can have the same app in a "Travel" and a "Maps" and a "Outdoors" folder. On iOS I could only have it in one folder. One other nice thing (that I don't think...
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    I know I'm an idiot, but I need help if possible.

    Yeah, that's why I put the smilie and later said "seriously, don't do that"
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    I know I'm an idiot, but I need help if possible.

    Or a sticky note on the bottom of your iPad :) Seriously, though, a safety deposit box? It's the 21st century....get a password manager. For example, I've been using LastPass for quite awhile. In addition to keeping my passwords for various sites I am a member of, I can manually add things...
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    Can Android do that? Can iOS do that?

    I only have an iPad 2 and an Android phone. I haven't really found anything on iOS that I can't do on Android (or at least anything that I feel is major), but here's some stuff I've been trying to figure out if iOS can do something similar. I suspect I already know the answer to these, but...
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    How do I use FaceTime on my iPad to make a video call 2 a iPhone

    Well, the OP didn't say their sister would always be on WiFi, which is why we're pointing out the deficiencies of FaceTime and offering alternatives in case that's not the case.
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    How do I use FaceTime on my iPad to make a video call 2 a iPhone

    This is why I hate FaceTime (and the commercials about "if you don't have an iPhone, you don't have FaceTime"). It's too limited. I would suggest looking into Skype or something else that will allow video calling over 3G (or wifi) to not only iPhones, but other phones and to PC's as well. Why...
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    Your top 3 iOS wants

    You can still customize the hell out of them. For example, I was using Launcher Pro on my OG EVO (a Sense device) long before I decided to root, and it looked nothing at all like Sense. I eventually rooted and installed another ROM (CM7) but still, my Sense device didn't look at all like...
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    Question about using iPad in my car ?

    Not sure if your carrier has the hotspot functionality locked out on your phone, but if not you can set your sensation up as a hotspot and then connect the iPad to it: Android AdvicesHow to Tether HTC Sensation as a WiFi Hotspot
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    Google redirect to yahoo virus

    This happens on occasion. I had it on my Windows PC last year for awhile, but IIRC (and I possibly don't) it was some issue with a DNS server somewhere, which explains why it was happening to me, but not other people....only people routing through a particular DNS were having the problem.
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    Sharing Functionality is Limited

    I share your pain. One of my major complaints about iOS and my iPad (and I've posted the same complaint in a couple "what are you hoping for in iOS6 threads here). One of the responses I got was that Apple got it right that the sharing is done from the apps....meaning they liked that they had...
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    Could Android be pulled from shelves?

    While the OP reaks of fanboyism and bias (surprised it's started by a moderator, actually), it will be interesting to watch this unfold over the next few weeks. While I don't claim to know much of anything around the case, it's my understanding that it basically boils down to Oracle is claiming...
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    Gmail user name or password incorrect

    So confused. Do you have an Exchange account and a gmail account? It makes no sense Gmail would be showing up in an Exchange account.
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    Ipad security

    Well, jacob11 didn't really answer your questions. You probably want to read through this whitepaper starting at Page 15 "Device Configuration Overview" which will give high level overviews of things you can configure to disallow installing and uninstalling of apps and things like that...
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    Ordered iPad 2 - Whats the first thing I should do?

    The first thing I would do (and something I wish I would have done) is explore alternatives to the Apple-only stuff before investing a lot of money. Specifically for buying music and books. For example, you can buy music from iTunes, but it has DRM it's impossible to use many of those purchases...
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    Will there be another iPad?

    I don't think there will be. Apple will realize they've made enough money and stop making new ones. You heard it here first, folks.' Also, pretty sure Windows 8 will be the last version of Windows ever.
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    A week in the life of an Android user.

    Somewhat surprised how non-fanboyish this thread is. As pointed out, both OS's offer pluses and minuses. The issue with Android is (and always will be) the vast array of devices and hardware. But that's the price you pay for freedom of choice (price, carriers, screen sizes, physical/virtual...
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    Your top 3 iOS wants

    Well, "killed" is not the right word. My phone still runs it fine and I still get periodic updates. They just aren't developing new versions. I only included it because I do miss it everytime there's a gaping hole in a news feed or something, and I know it will never come to iOS. I've just...
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    Your top 3 iOS wants

    Not keyboard languages. Keyboards. Look up things like Swype, FlexT9 or Swiftkey on YouTube. That's what I mean (maybe not those particular ones, but some different options would be nice).
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    Your top 3 iOS wants

    Only 3? ;) Change the default browser Use different email signatures for different email accounts. Even Outlook Express circa 1997 let you do this. It's impossible for me to use the mail client since I have a several email accounts for various businesses/projects I work with, all requiring...
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    Google map overlays

    I would definitely not be using Google Maps to determine boundary lines. It's not that accurate. You need to hire a professional surveyor who can come out with professional grade GPS units and surveying equipment and lay down the line for you (since you work with a logger, they should know...