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    Change tracking comes to the iPad!

    It's taken long enough but Office2 HD now supports Word's track changes feature!! This was the one feature that kept me tied to the PC. I haven't had time to try it extensively but what I have tried works just fine. It's probably still the ugly stepchild as far as formatting features but for...
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    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    The arrow keys on an external keyboard for an iPad are used for navigation within an input field - not for page navigation. Not something that Zagg can do anything about - it's strictly an OS issue.
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    Wireless keyboard problem

    If you mean that you can't move between cells using the arrow keys, I believe that's standard for add-on keyboards and the iPad. The arrow keys are used for moving around within a given input field, not for moving between them, in much the same way that they won't scroll Safari pages.
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    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    Work. At the end of the work day the computer is turned off and it's not turned on again until I'm ready to login again the next work day.
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    How much have you spent on your iPad so far?

    I think the iPad itself was about $525 after tax (white, 16g, wifi) Zaggmate $99 total on apps so far just under $20 So, almost $650 USD - and at that it's in nearly constant use.
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    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    I do not have tethering capabilities and the wifi only version is great by me - my iPad rarely leaves the house. If I needed cellular access I'd go for tethering as I'd only have one toy to become obsolete when 4G finally arrives.
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    Bluetooth connection trouble on iPad 2

    The only things I remember people saying you can connect to are headsets, keyboards and (some) GPS units. Does anyone no of other bluetooth devices that the iPad can pair to without jail breaking? I know it won't pair to my PC or my bluetooth mouse, for instance.
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    Question on how external keyboard works

    As the others have said, this isn't a problem. In fact the bigger problem for me is that I sometimes pick up just the iPad and leave the Zaggmate, but if I don't tell it to display the onscreen keyboard and it's still in contact with the Zaggmate I have to disable the keyboard from the...
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    Are you a fan of jailbreaking?

    I'm afraid I don't get your first analogy at all. I do understand your second one but that seems pretty extreme to me. For me it's more like they sell you the car but you're only allowed to use the manufacturers parts/service or those that they've specifically endorsed. Given the nature of...
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    Are you a fan of jailbreaking?

    Limitations such as what? The ability to do what I need to do quickly and easily? That's the main 'limitation' that I've found with it. Just wondering what sort of limitations _you_ are finding.
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    Favorite Accessories?

    I've only bought one accessory so far for my iPad 2 - the Zaggmate keyboard/case. Love it. Other than that the only accessory I've used is headphones and those are basically the same regardless of what device I'm using them with.
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    Earphones for iPad (and other i products too!)

    On the other hand, I tried several sets of noise canceling headphones before popping for the Bose ones. The difference between the Bose versions and the others is that they actually work. No idea if they give ultra-super-duper-amazing sound reproduction - all I know is that they give sound...
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    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    Exactly what you're doing now. Of course the 3G iPad will also work with the hotspot if the Verizon service isn't all that good but you're still out the difference and the hotspot is more versatile as it will work with other wifi devices. But that's just my take.
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    How did I ever live without my iPad2???

    I use iAWriter for writing but I need that one feature for editing and (to the best of my knowledge) none of the iPad .doc compatible WPs has it yet. One of them - I don't remember which one at the moment - will show tracked changes and comments but none of them will allow me to track the...
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    How did I ever live without my iPad2???

    Agreed. Since I got the Zaggmate to go with my iPad2 I haven't turned my computer on outside of work hours. I used to spend four or five hours of my own time on it each day but the iPad has completely replaced it for the needs I've had so far. The one app that I will need to find at some...
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    Apple BlueTooth keyboard, nice

    I thought the Origami Workstation acted as a case for the Apple keyboard and a stand for the iPad. Or are you looking for a case for both together?
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    new Ipad user, already hating Apple

    That's what trolling is all about - the reaction. They sometimes have something intelligent to say (sometimes) but they phrase it in ways that ensure no one will actually listen to them so they can whine when no one does. If they were actually interested in advancing an idea they'd do it...
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    Ipad for long essays?

    Just a quick follow-up. Yesterday I sat down to do some more-or-less serious writing for the first time using my iPad + Zaggmate. Wonderful. 2,000+ words just flowed. When I needed to look something up it was right there - thank you, Google! - and it felt completely natural. The app I was...
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    Weird. Very weird.

    If by the 'idle screen' you mean the lock screen then the icon you're referring to sounds like the picture frame/slideshow icon. I believe it runs through the pictures in your photos app, at least that's what mine does.
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    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    Not with the iPad 2, at least. It will sit there but it's not secure.
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    new Ipad user, already hating Apple

    Good analogy! Of course it's a prison the size of a continent - Australia comes to mind - but if you're one of the ones who is always looking for a frontier, or something not on that continent, it would be a problem.
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    Will the IPad Fizzle out?

    The one shame about iOS is that, at least as far as I know, the only development tools run on Macs only. Not that I can blame Apple for not wanting to pit XCode against Visual Studio or Embarcadero's dev tools - particularly since Apple charges so little for their development environment.
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    In more than a year living without Flash I haven't found it to be so prevalent that it would constitute "...almost every type of food...." In fact, the vast, vast majority of the places I see that little Flash placeholder on my PC are advertisements. I do see it elsewhere, but not very...
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    For me the browsing is great. I don't notice the lack of Flash. Others seem to miss it. Feel free to install a Flash blocker on your normal computer and test it out for yourself rather than relying on someone else's experiences, though. That's what I did a year ago and I still have the Flash...
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    Will the IPad Fizzle out?

    I'm sure that if Apple sees a lot of people forgoing an iPad for something else because you can program something on the other tablet with tools on that tablet they'll do something like you're thinking of. That's a big, hairy if, though. Personally, I doubt that will be a problem for years to...
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    What is the one thing that should of been better on the ipad 2??

    GPS in the wifi version. Less expensive. Lighter. Longer battery life. Better notifications in the OS. Any of these would have been nice but I'm happy with what they did deliver.
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    Wireless Keyboard arrow keys not working for excel?!

    I'm pretty sure this is correct. On other operating systems the mouse (or whatever) controls a pointer at the system level. On iOS there isn't a general pointer, just a cursor that is active within some controls (e.g. text controls.) The cursor keys (at least on my Zaggmate keyboard) can move...
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    new Ipad user, already hating Apple

    Agreed on almost all counts (I don't encounter many sites that need Flash but others obviously do.) OTOH, the troubles that others are having getting Flash working and stable on tablets attests to the reasons Apple claims they didn't go there - it's a crash prone resource hog. If Steve & co...
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    So.....where are we all from?

    Looks like the Great Lakes region of the United States is suddenly standing up to be counted.
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    So.....where are we all from?

    Waupun, Wisconsin, United States
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    Best App For Editing and Creating Word Docs

    I'm not going to suggest any specific program but it appears that at the moment none of the word processors for the iPad support Word's change tracking so editing might be a bit dicey. That's the one feature I'm waiting for before springing for a proper word processor.
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    Wifi only ipad. Regrets?

    I knew that going in but still would like to have GPS, it just wasn't worth the money to me. Someone else mentioned the Bad Elf GPS, which I would definitely do if I had one of the later iPod Touches as that would be the ideal (from my standpoint) portable GPS when doing things where I don't...
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    Wifi only ipad. Regrets?

    And then my wife comes along and reminds me that I need to take her to an appointment from which she won't be able to drive home due to anesthetic. So, an hour or so after penning that my iPad is getting ready to leave home for the first time :) I wonder if they have wifi at the office for...
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    May just have to get one of those G-Form cases when they arrive

    First they were dropping bowling balls on the screen. OK, but others have shown the screen to be pretty durable anyway. How about dropping an iPad from an ultralight at 500 feet? Looks like it would hold both the iPad and...
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    Ipad for long essays?

    I know of someone who wrote a book on an iPad with Bluetooth keyboard so even pretty long essays should be a snap.
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    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    Do you mean in the closed position or open for typing - either could be considered placing the iPad 'in' the Zaggmate. If you mean the former, no - I'm sure it won't fall out. If the latter, definitely - it's not secured except by gravity and a tiny bit of friction, which is just fine by me.
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    Wifi only ipad. Regrets?

    No regrets for me. After more than a month with my new iPad it has yet to leave the house, though I've been on it every day since it arrived. If at some point I need to use it elsewhere, where there isn't a good wireless signal available, I'll get a myfi or a phone that I can hotspot. By the...
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    ZaggMate - Love It

    I wonder if they might have shipped uncharged? There's also the step where you have to type in the code that appears on the iPad using the Zaggmate's keyboard, but other than that it really was just about that simple when I did it. I believe there was a brief set of instructions - pairing, how...
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    Why jailbreak?

    No sarcasm intended, I'm just curious why someone would want to jailbreak their iOS device. I can sort of understand the idea that some people just don't want to leave someone else in control of their device but I'm wondering about specific, practical things that you want it to be able to do...