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    Automatic login in to YouTube and Safari Facebook

    I adjusted settings and now have to retype user name and password after I closeout and attempt to re- enter either You Tube via Google login or Facebook via Safari. It used to store and fill in automatically but I screwed around with settings and now must re- enter... i close out all running...
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    Sound turns off

    Occasionally the sound turns off by itself on my Ipad2. I have closed settings and reopened all apps. ,and reset the Ipad but the problem continues on occasion. Any ideas?
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    5.1 camera update

    Upgraded to the 5.1 ios and like everything except the location of the button to take pics.. How can anyone use the front option without capturing a finger? Oops.. Should have flipped Pad around before posting.. Sorry.
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    Itunes university memory use

    In order to keep significant memory use from course downloads I connect my IPad to pc in ITunes and transfer purchases to the desktop unit , then delete the class on the there anyway to at least keep reference to the course on the ITunes library..Am I missing something ? Can ICloud...
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    Setting up email folders.

    How do I replace the Comcast POP with IMAP? Will I lose current email?
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    Turnin on icloud?

    How is ICloud activated...? I have an iCloud account and am using very little space. I have followed instructions but can't get to the page to activate.
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    The music function on slideshow has stopped playing? It had been working fine. Any suggestions?. I have already checked all settings.