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    How do I to connect to our network?

    Is there a way to connect to our network using an ipad? Not remotely but using an ipad instead of using a laptop or desktop. This network requires a user name and password. We have wireless so it wouldn't have to be a wired connection. Thanks
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    Pop3 vs Imap

    Is there a way to use Pop3 instead of Imap when e-mail is set up? When I initially set up th ee-mail the iPad automatically used the imap setting and maybe this is required. All the laptops and PC's that I have set up always used pop3. I'm wanting to change this because when the iPad goes out...
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    E-mail sound notifications?

    When I have the e-mail app open it dings when I get e-mail. However, if I'm at the "desktop, I don't get a sound notification. The e-mail icon shows the e-mail has come in by increasing the little number but no sound. Suggestions?
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    More syncing problems...

    I've got bookmarks / favorites in IE and Safari on my PC. I've got my iPad set to sync everything yet when I connect it the only thing that syncs are the contacts from Outlook. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Moving photos and video...

    I've been sucessful in moving my folders/albums containing my pictures from my PC over to my iPAD but the video in these albums hasn't come across or if it has I don't know where the iPAD put it. They are mpg's. When I do the syncing in itunes there is a checl box to include video and this is...
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    Moving and deleting pictures...

    New user here... I see when I take pictures of my kids with the iPAD they go into an album called "camera roll" I create an album called kids for keeping the pictures of my kids I can "move" the pictures from camera roll album to kids album but if I delete them off of camera roll it also...
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    Typing in the iPAD 2

    Trying to figure this thing out. I know how to back space using the "destructive" backspace but how do I backspace (or go forward for that matter) without deleting or messing up what's already there. Is there an eqivelant to the arrow keys? (I come from the PC world) Thanks