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    Retail inventory improve yet?

    Hi, Rambler! I, too, have been following the reports of backlight bleed and was holding off on purchasing until I thought Apple had an opportunity to resolve the issue on the production line. I finally gave in to temptation and went for it...especially since it seemed that I had a good...
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    Retail inventory improve yet?

    I HATE waiting in lines...and would hate it even more if I was waiting for nothing....but...I did not want to wait for an online order, so I decided to try the Santa Monica (CA) Apple Store yesterday morning on my way to the gym. Even though I showed up shortly after 0600, I fully expected to...
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    The iPad is just too heavy! :(

    Lou and I work out at the same gym. Time passes. He looks good, but NOT like how he looked when he did the show. He appears to have some joint problems, but hey, everybody gets older. It certainly beats the alternative. So even an older bodybuilder whose body has been through many injuries, I...
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    The iPad is just too heavy! :(

    Wimp. Heavy??? At 21-22 ounces??? Seriously, dude. How do you get through life?
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    Shockproof iPad Cases. Whats the best?

    ...and the Otterbox Defender still has that unresolved, and unexplained, "oil slick" problem whereby it appears that the case presses so hard on the edges of the screen that what appears to be an "oil slick" appears on the screen. Otterbox keeps trying to blame it on 3rd party screen protectos...
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    Shockproof iPad Cases. Whats the best?

    I prefer to have a couple of layers of protection, like my Yoobao Magic Case, inserted into my Zeroshock sleeve.
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    This works! Targus Stylus for Apple® iPad™

    The Targus works great with my screen protector. I have a Power Support Crystal film on my iPad. I don't know how it would work with a thicker film like the Zagg.
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    Screen protector- necessary?

    I've been putting Power Support Crystal films on all of my iPhones and iPod Touches since I was an iPhone early adopter in 2007. Just went to the Power Support Store in Burbank and had them apply my Power Support Crystal Film to my new iPad. Peace of mind.
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    Question about cases

    I like the Yoobao Magic Case. Lots of images on ebay.
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    Targus Stylus

    I ordered two from Best Buy online about a week ago, and they came in a couple of days. Glad I ordered because I didn't know they'd end up this popular. I've had good luck with it, too.