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    ipad2, my best electronic purchase EVER!

    @Mikekan So with my new iPad 2, 3g wifi, I was all set to go the the AT&T store and get a free basic phone with my new 2 year contract, saving $30/mo off our $200 family cell phone bill. Who needs an iPhone with an iPad? The rep made a good point, if I cancel though, and have a decision to...
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    zagg case w/otterbox?

    Try it and return if it doesn't
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    Data plan

    I completed my 1st month of the $14.99 AT&T data plan. My sister had told me she received a pop up on renewal date providing an option to renew another month or cancel. I didn't. I received an email stating I have auto renewed. So per the email, I called AT&T to have the charge credited after I...
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    YouTube stereo

    Trying to figure out if there's something wrong with my iPad 2. I'm wearing headphones and playing stereo YouTube clips but they all sound mono.
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    Screen protector

    Been real happy with Zagg. The peeps at Best Buy mobile here do quite a few of them and they do a great job. Zagg has lifetime warranty.