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  1. xhuntercx

    Sound, but No Mirroring Button

    thanks but i did both of those before asking this.
  2. xhuntercx

    Sound, but No Mirroring Button

    I have an iPad 2 , upgraded to iOS 5, and a apple TV. When i choose to airplay something to my apple TV, the sound went over to it great, but there is no switch/option to mirror something from my ipad. The little slider im "supposed to see" just doesn't show up. Does anybody have any idea why...
  3. xhuntercx

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

  4. xhuntercx

    Would you let your coworkers borrow your brand new iPad 2 to "play"?

    I feel like this happens to me a lot. My 7 year old cousin loves to just ask me. After I've said no, he decides that there's a better chance if he asks me again. 5 times later. BUT NOBODY TOUCHES MY IPAD
  5. xhuntercx

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

  6. xhuntercx

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

  7. xhuntercx

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    Apple tv , iMac, iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad
  8. xhuntercx

    Using iPad like a Wacom Tablet

    i already have that app and i guess it works fine, but is there anything to do so it can be like the thing mentioned above?
  9. xhuntercx

    Using iPad like a Wacom Tablet

    Is there any possible way to use the iPad just as a touch screen input for the pc? Im doubting there is way, but I thought I might as well ask.
  10. xhuntercx

    iPad Tethering

  11. xhuntercx

    iPad Tethering

    If you were to tether the iPad to something like an AT&T iPhone, all you need is the regular wifi version right?
  12. xhuntercx

    Apple TV In Seperate Rooms

    That's a perfect explanation. Thank you for your time.
  13. xhuntercx

    How many movies do you have on your iPad?

    I'm surprised not that many people have movies. I constantly watch movies on my iPad , delete and then add more. So , I'll have 2 - 3 on there at a time.
  14. xhuntercx

    Black or white iPad 2?

    I think that the black iPad looks a bit nicer.
  15. xhuntercx

    iPad owners average age

    I'm 13 , i was doubting that I would get it , but is saved up for a LONG time and now a use it every day.
  16. xhuntercx

    mp4 Files Dont Have Sound

    thanks for answering but I think i may have found a solution, now im just converting all my videos to another kind of mp4
  17. xhuntercx

    mp4 Files Dont Have Sound

    I have over 200 full length movies and I have put them onto my iPod touch. They have played perfectly. When I put them on my iPad from iTunes, they sync fine. ( No error messages saying the file is incompatible. ) Then when I start watching them in the videos app the picture is stunning, but...
  18. xhuntercx

    Casey Anthony Trial ~

  19. xhuntercx

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    some of yall.... you just keep on downloading. i only have 49
  20. xhuntercx

    Massive EA Games Sale!

    i bought half of the games on there!
  21. xhuntercx

    Gun Bros. Freind Request

    Please post a short description of where you are in the game and then your game center name. Kinda like this -- xhuntercx Level - 41 full infinity Armor Shurikannon and Tommy gun
  22. xhuntercx

    Apple TV In Seperate Rooms

    If I have to have 2 seperate iTunes accounts then im only going to hav on pair of Apple TV and TV.
  23. xhuntercx

    Apple TV In Seperate Rooms

    2 Apple TVs -Linked to- 2 Televisions 2 different pairs of Apple Tvs and Tvs. Can I Link both Pairs to my 1 Laptop? Im really confused with what you just said. You might have already explained it, but I need a more clear perspective.
  24. xhuntercx

    iPad in the shower :)

    Why not get a custom ipad mounted into you shower wall? You could even control the water with it!
  25. xhuntercx

    Apple Tv - Wireless or wired streaming?

    Thanks a bunch, this helps me out quite a bit
  26. xhuntercx

    Stupid or Embarrassing Things Involving Your iPad

    i've had i-devices in my posession for 3 years now and just last week an eight-year-old told me how to put web page icon onto you home screen. I gawked in disbelief for an hour or 2
  27. xhuntercx

    How to make your own epub or pdf ebook online.

    I know that the word processor :Pages can export into PDF , which might be the easiest, but if you're using somethig else just google free "----- to .ePub or PDF converter"
  28. xhuntercx

    Apple TV In Seperate Rooms

    Yes,but is that the only way to view on 2 TVs? Im not going to buy more than one if there's a proble while whatching 2 on one account.
  29. xhuntercx

    LEGO Harry Potter game

    i've been playing this game for a month now, and i always get the spell right on the first or second try. not trying to brag but, ive seen a LOT of complaints about how hard this game is. Is there something wrong with everybody's ipads?
  30. xhuntercx

    Ipad games & books for kids?

    most games out there are designed to be simple and kid friendly. just try cut the rope or angry birds, everybody loves those!
  31. xhuntercx

    Seagate GoFlex Mobile Wireless Storage

    thanks that kinda what i would have expected-, no artwork, bad tagging, but does its job.
  32. xhuntercx

    Lego Harry potter years 1-4

    the only thing that might help is to know that theres not really a time limit. so just slow down and trace the shape.
  33. xhuntercx

    Apple Tv - Wireless or wired streaming?

    i noticed that the apple TV is equipped with a wired internet cable port. I have this is on my laptop as well. will using this impact the quality? I heard somebody say that using wireless will decrease the picture quality while the hard wire will improve. True or False?