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    Watching Star Trek was awesome

    I think that app's almost 1.5gb so that's to be expected! ;)
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    iPad Unboxing Video..finally!

    It feels like the iPad has been out forever but we've finally got the unboxing up on YouTube! Massive thanks to 'gentlefury' (a user here) or Richard as I now know him, for doing this unboxing for us! Check out his site: YouTube - Apple iPad Unboxing Video! [HD] If...
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    Free iPhone 3GS - Legit?

    So I see this kind of stuff all the time. FREE IPHONE 3GS FOR EVERY MEMBER! CLICK HERE FOR FREE IPHONE 3GS! | Facebook Anyone know if these things are legit? :ipad-front:
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    Apple posts iPad guided tours

    Just seen this on Engadget. Beat me to it! :)
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    iPad Unboxing Video!

    We're actually really lucky to be getting one - seen as we're based in the UK. :)
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    Sneak peak of UPS shipping the iPad!

    Gotta love Yes Man. :D
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    iPad Unboxing Video!

    It's been confirmed! AppHut WILL have an iPad unboxing video to be released on April 3rd. The day after we will be releasing an iPad review. All very exciting stuff so subscribe to our channel to be the first to see the grand unboxing! YouTube - AppHut's Channel Thanks guys!
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    Getting an iPad April 3rd? - Get Paid For An Unboxing Video!

    GentleFury has the gig! Mod - please close thread. x
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    Getting an iPad April 3rd? - Get Paid For An Unboxing Video!

    Sorry for the early bump - but I really need to get this sorted before April 3rd. :)
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    AppHut says Hello!

    Most definitely! Still waiting for some replies on my other post though. :/ x
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    Internet on ipad

    I mean...I love the iPad. And I know HTML5 is on it's way and everything, but I just don't think you can brush away Flash. I mean, we got YouTube and a lot of sites have apps but it can kind of ruin a browsing experience. I mean, think of your favorite news site - does it show videos? I bet it's...
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    iPad dock keyboard vs bluetooth keyboard

    Hmm...I see your point - but my plan for the iPad is to get a case that lets it stand portrait or landscape and get a bluetooth keyboard. I'm planning to do alot of note taking on it and I just can't see a soft keyboard being quite the same a 'real' keyboard. I mean - you won't be able to rest...
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    AppHut says Hello!

    Hey Guys. Just thought I should introduce myself here. Really interested in the iPad (especially the apps that will be available for it) and I'm trying to get an app review YouTube channel going (check my signature) called AppHut. Unfortunately, I'm living in the UK at the moment and Mr. Jobs...
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    Getting an iPad April 3rd? - Get Paid For An Unboxing Video!

    Getting an iPad April 3rd? Hey, I'm trying to get a YouTube channel going ( YouTube - AppHut's Channel) which focuses on app reviews for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. But, as a new channel with limited content I think an iPad unboxing video on the day of its launch in the US would...