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    Best Case I've tried - Griffin Reveal!

    Hi guys, Got to try out the new Griffin reveal, a one-piece case that features a hybrid plastic and silicone mix. The polycarbonate is clear and thick, so it will protect from bumps and scratches, leaving the beauty of your iPad exposed. The silicone (or rubber) is fairly rigid, but you...
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    ScreenGuardz AntiGlare HD Review for iPad 2

    You're welcome, I will review iPad 2 products on a consistant basis, hopefully it'll help people make choices on what to buy!
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    ScreenGuardz AntiGlare HD Review for iPad 2

    Hi Guys, Got my hands on the ScreenGuardz AntiGlare HD, which as the name states, is an antiglare screen protector from BodyGuardz. It is super easy to install and is only 19.95$, much cheaper than some competition such as SGP and powersupport. The coating prevents smudges and fingerprints...
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    Apple's "The Pup" Wallpaper Series

    I am looking for these too!
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    Better notifications is all I ask for!
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    Will the iPad 3 be 3D?

    It really is a gimmick in my eyes, not a big fan of 3D.
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    Xilisoft Download YouTube Video For Free

    Thanks for the link!