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    Time Warner Cable App

    Thank you, works like a charm!!!
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    Time Warner Cable App

    I started getting an error message when I try to open the app now. It says that it is not able to be used on a jailbroken iPad, is there a work around for this?
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    Dropbox Referral Thread.

    Thanks Everyone, for the help. Here is mine. :):):)
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    Skyfire "sells out" In a Matter of Hours

    Good to know, disappointed to hear!!!
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    Skyfire "sells out" In a Matter of Hours

    Bring It Back, QUICK!!!
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    Apple iOS 4.2 Gold Master Build Released to Developers

    Bring It On, Finally!!!
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    Hulu vs netflix

    NetFlix is the hands down favorite!!!
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    Are you Viewing this on your iPad?

    iPad YES, Atomic Web YES, Safari HELL NO!!!
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    Apple Unveils iOS 4.2 for iPad at Media Event

    It stinks that iPad users need to wait until November, are you kidding?
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    Apple Releases iOS 3.2.2 Security Patch for iPad

    It sounds like that you are one who has already jailbroke your pad you do not want to do the update as it will undo the JB and for now at least keep you from JB'ing. Is this correct?
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    Updated iOS is coming our way

    I agree at this time I do not see a big enough advantage to keep my pad JB'd so I will restore it for now. The memory issues will be interesting to see how the new OS deals with it when it is released.
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    Multi colored lines on the right side when powering on.

    Yes when you jailbreak there are a few off colored pixels that appear on the right side of the screen during power up due to the coding. It would be nice if there was a fix for it but for now you need to deal with it if you want to JB
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    Otterbox for iPad

    I've heard the defender case is almost 3/4" thick, thats pretty darn bulky! Still would be nice if someone could post some pics!!!! Thanks
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    CNET’s 10 Reasons Why iOS 4 Will Rock on iPad

    I hope the OS4 update comes out sooner then later. The iPad can use some much needed help!!! It would be great to see the CNet ideas implemented....
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    Which iPad model you have?

    I went with the 32 wifi, choose not to get the g model because I am getting a new phone with myfi hotspot and will not need it with the phone and its not capped like ATT
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    Pogo Sketch - Has anyone actually used it for writing?

    There is also another stylus advertised on this site by Mobi for $20, has any one tried this one? I need to order one that actually works. Thanks!
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    Just found the CSquid cable on Amazon for $20 it does look like a problem solver!!! Thanks
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    ipad Camera Connected???

    PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Thank you very much.............. :):):)
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    Otterbox for iPad

    The Defender case is very bulky in their other cases they are ruggedly designed, I too am interested to know what your thoughts are when you get your case.
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    ipad Camera Connected???

    There is no option in this particular window to check the option to not ask me again.
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    Sorry I just found the answer!!!
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    ipad Camera Connected???

    I just got my pad and synced a couple of times, now when I plug it into my PC a box pops up and says that iPad camera is connected and asks which app to use for it and of course iTunes is not an option to select so you have to cancel out of it to get rid of it before iTunes will open. This is...
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    My question is that I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this, my iPad will not charge while plugged in via USB port on my PC. Anything else I plug in charges fine. Any help will be appreciated!!!
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    Question on Pogo Sketch

    There is another stylus by Mobi is it any better?
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    Prototyping our carbon fiber IPAD case (part II)

    I checked your website and found all the details and pricing......
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    Zagg Packaging FAIL

    How tough was it to apply this protector without getting any bubbles?
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    iPad Case Reviews

    This is a good looking case has anyone tried it yet?
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    ANY have the Skadoosh Stand?

    Is the ordering time really 3-5 weeks?
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    Prototyping our carbon fiber IPAD case (part II)

    Have you set a price yet? When will they ship and are you taking orders yet? Can you find a pic to post. I need to order a case today and don't want to miss out on this. Thanks!
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    iPad Wallpaper Request

    I was wondering if anyone could do some wallpapers with different Harley Davidson logo's? It would be GREATLY appreciated!!!