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  1. Lowjiber1

    AirPort Express?

    I found yet another option that I really like. It's called a JamBox, by a company called JawBone. It's a bluetooth device that is about half the size of a brick. You can purchase them at Apple Retail Stores for $199. I bought mine direct from the factory for the same price...without tax...
  2. Lowjiber1

    Is there a way to move my yahoo or google contacts to my iPad contacts

    THANK YOU!!!! I've been trying for six months to import my Yahoo contacts. Many have tried to help, but your link above put me on the track to success. I found the following link after referring to your's above. Between the two links, it worked like a charm. Here's the link that was on the...
  3. Lowjiber1

    Syncing Yahoo Email Contacts???

    Thanks for the reply. I can't seem to find the "info tab" on iTunes. I'm running iTunes 10 on my MacBook. (I must really be stupid.):o Added Later: Here's the link that finally fixed my problem: Fix Yahoo! Contacts Syncing With iPad | TCGeeks
  4. Lowjiber1

    3G service in US western states

    We have a home in California (south S.F. Bay area) and one in Las Vegas. If you expect decent service (of any kind) from AT&T, forget it.
  5. Lowjiber1

    This is for all of the "free" book website spammer people:

    I'm a moderator on another forum (not iPad related) that is the target of many spammers. Mods/Admins on a forum are busy every day keeping the forum clean and free of spammers. It's a lot of work when the forum membership starts to get large...spammers quickly attempt to register and post...
  6. Lowjiber1

    Do you regret not getting 3G?

    AT&T service really sucks here in Nevada. Besides, their "plan" is a ripoff IMHO. I carry my iPad in my Jeep all the time and have never found a need for 3G...there's always a WiFi within range. Save your $$$.
  7. Lowjiber1

    Problems with camera connection kit !

    A friend just emailed me regarding the difficulty with using the camera/SD card kit with the new iOS. Here's a quote from his email.... "Apple's iOS 4.2 upgrade has prevented data being read from some USB devices because the fondle slab puts out five times less power than before. The iPad...
  8. Lowjiber1


    Sending iTunes via Bluetooth couldn't get any easier. Check out the new JamBox by JawBone. They're just now getting into the Apple stores, but I ordered one direct from the factory. They're incredible. No, I don't work for JawBone...just sharing info. Here's the link: Jawbone | Leader in...
  9. Lowjiber1

    Syncing Yahoo Email Contacts???

    I've followed the instructions, but can't seem to get iPad to sync with my Yahoo address book. I keep getting something like, "YahooMail is not available right now...please try again." I've tried syncing with Yahoo Mail on and difference. Any advice? Thanks!;)
  10. Lowjiber1

    New Guy from Nevada

    I've been lurking here for some time now since getting an iPad. Just saying "Hey"
  11. Lowjiber1

    Another iOS 4.x.x disappointed user

    No problem here with the new iOS. No lag...nuthin