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  1. iPad-Sweden

    Metalstorm: Online | Free Online Dogfighting Game For iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

    For all of those who likes / loves / are addicted / the game MetalStorm or just support us that are into this game. PLEASE head to the official MetalStorm: Online on facebook and "Like" It. Dev's will hand out a new plane If the like's com up to 10k.
  2. iPad-Sweden

    My Ipad 1 vs Ipad 2 review (for people on the fence like i was)

    Got my iPad 2 3G 16gb all the way to Sweden :-), It was no WOW effect that I had hoped for, I do like the more "square" design better on my old iPad 3G 64Gb, but beside the weight Is the old one better fitted In my hands. Faster yes (much) Camera, hmmm not what I expected. Weight, better...
  3. iPad-Sweden

    White or black?

    In the case It doesent matter, Im just happy to get 1 on the 11th :D "What colour of your peacemaker would you prefer?"
  4. iPad-Sweden

    Green poison MUST READ

    GreenPoi... side down, u can get It from this mirror on ih8sn0w IF u know the issues that It brings.
  5. iPad-Sweden

    4.3 Beta 3!

    Look also here: iOS 4.3 beta bug restores default homescreen layout, removes folders | 9 to 5 Mac iOS 4.3 beta bug restores default homescreen layout, removes folders | Apple Intelligence But I have not got hit by this "bug".. yet!
  6. iPad-Sweden

    How do we use our iPads?

    The ways are many !
  7. iPad-Sweden

    iOS Upgrade Paths

    U should be able to go directly as u can now from ex 3.2 to 4.2.1.
  8. iPad-Sweden


    iPad doesent have any "cursor" there for It doesent work that way.
  9. iPad-Sweden

    iPad Jailbreak

    Ops, did miss the "next week" part, but If he's lucky as my friend was last week when he bought his paddy and to my surprise It had 3.2.2 "nib" In retail store. It has only been released here in Sweden for a couple of weeks.
  10. iPad-Sweden

    i'd like create a custom wallpaper for IPAD in CS5..

    Yes u can ! If u have ex 6 pages u can have 6 different wallpapers. U have to have a jailbroken iDevice and the best way Is to do It by SHH into your device.
  11. iPad-Sweden

    iPad Jailbreak

    Stick with 3.2.2 for the moment. LimeRa1n & GreenPois0n Jailbreak iPad 3.2.2 With Limera1n or GreenPois0n
  12. iPad-Sweden

    i'd like create a custom wallpaper for IPAD in CS5..

    How to Make iPad Wallpapers (1024 x 1024px Images) | iPad Wallpapers
  13. iPad-Sweden

    How many AppStore updates do you have pending?

    250+ apps and no pending. :)
  14. iPad-Sweden


    -What u heared about LimeRa1n Is NOT true. -U can always restore to "factory settings", this options only deletes the content and making a reset of your configuration on that IOS u have installed at the moment.
  15. iPad-Sweden

    iPad update fails(1104)and wont turn on again..!

    Does not even your PC/MAC (not iTunes) recognise your iDevice In neather of "DFU mode" or "Restore/Recovery mode", the timing must be good? Its enough if your PC/MAC (not iTunes) recognise your iDevice to use TinyUmbrella or RecBoot to force It It to "Recovery Mode", and when this Is done...
  16. iPad-Sweden

    I think its here

    News from this site often doesen't lead anywhere, doesent matter what u search on ex Google, this site pops up on every search. And when It's official released U will surely find a post In here about It's arrival verry short after It's release. Or keep an eye on
  17. iPad-Sweden

    Jailbroken iPad (4.2.1) not rebooting after battery drain

    What is Difference Between Recovery Mode and DFU Mode What is Difference Between Recovery Mode and DFU Mode | iPhone 3G S iTunes should be able to find your iDevice through 1 of these modes that enables u to restore your iDevice. Or u can use TinyUmbrella or RecBoot to force It in to...
  18. iPad-Sweden

    "Theme Center" Vs "Theme It"

    Jay Freeman (Saurik) has released his "Theme Center" In Cydia just when the hours could be counted until "Theme It" Is gonna be released. "Theme Center" "Theme It" Theme it, the missing theme store for iDevices by FIF7Y - COMING SOON...
  19. iPad-Sweden


    If someone brick their iDevice It's hardly becuase on the jailbreak procedure It self, more on what the person do when It Is jailbroken.
  20. iPad-Sweden

    Bricked ipad??

    DFU mode and Recovery Mode RecBoot RecBoot: Easy Way to Put iPhone into Recovery Mode | Jaxov or TinyUmbrella The Firmware Umbrella - TinyUmbrella
  21. iPad-Sweden

    iPad update fails(1104)and wont turn on again..!

    What, and when & how? Is the restore starting? How far do u get on the restore? Does It lock upon final reboot ? Have u had It jailbroken? Firmware ?
  22. iPad-Sweden

    iPad jailbreak (need a little help)

    Works with Tiny Umbrella and save the SHSH file local on the computer and then run Tinys server so Itunes takes the file from the mac/Pc. U will get stuck upon the reboot after u restore It to 3.2.1 again, but just kick It out with Tiny. And as f4780y says, just visit from...
  23. iPad-Sweden

    iPad jailbreak (need a little help)

    DON'T UPDATE/UPGRADE YOUR IOS/FIRMWARE yet ! 1: Yes 2: Every jailbreak jailbreaks a certain firmware version or a range of different firmwares. 3: If u wanna have the lastest firmware, then just use iTunes "Update" (But don't update), better to have an (old) firmware and have some knowlage...
  24. iPad-Sweden

    File browser that can access entire contents of drive?

    "IPhone Explorer" only show's the entire content If the device Is jailbroken If jailbroken: U have acess to the entire iDevice, suports drag'n drop. (REAL QUICK Transfer speed) Speeds up installation process, just to drag the ipa/deb file into your idevice and install It from there rather the...
  25. iPad-Sweden

    Show Yourself Here! :-)

    I'll Tag along on this thread: (Nothing 2 hide) few pic's here
  26. iPad-Sweden


    Welcome2 wondeland :)
  27. iPad-Sweden


    Run your jailbreak program again ! Same procedure as u did when i jailbroke It but choose "JUST BOOT TETHERED RIGHT NOW", that will get u back on track And if u reboot your iPad again and the same thing happens, well then u are on a tethered jailbreak that means u have to jailbreak It...
  28. iPad-Sweden

    Cydia - Manage Account : NEW FEATURE!

    A welcome feature to have a good look over the "payed" Cydia/(rock) apps ! Coolness indeed :D
  29. iPad-Sweden

    Any luck on webcams for ipad

    Baby monitor ! U need: -iphone with camera -ipad/PC/MAC or a laptop -WiFI connection with internet -WiFi cam (app) WiFiCam iPhone application - AppStoreHQ (there are several apps like this, this was just one of them) Just start the WiFicam when u are hooked up on your WiFi connection and a...
  30. iPad-Sweden

    USB games controller

    This uggly thing (icade) uses It's "joystick" through bluetooth or
  31. iPad-Sweden

    HELP! Tell me something good!

    The outcome of this can sadly not be told In ahead. Hope this dude only have a big mouth with emty words. The world Is full of &#%(/&%#(/
  32. iPad-Sweden

    USB games controller

    Play with a keyoboard. Seven Hidden Features of the iPad Camera Connection Kit | Mac|Life
  33. iPad-Sweden

    Should I buy protection plan

    The protectionplan Is a great thing to have "IF" u will be needing It. If the money not Is an issue, get It. I dunno about the firmware preinstalled in a new one, i myself had mine 3G since the US release day 1 and my friend In sweden bought his yesterday new in box In a store aproved by apple...
  34. iPad-Sweden

    Still using jailbroken 4.0, any real reason to switch?

    On same track as u but Im back on 3.2.2. Some (ALOT) cydia apps that came long before apple did put their own tag on It and made It worse are far superior then stuff ex mutlitasking etc. And yes, new IOS versions have many "new" features but many of them has been out for the jailbreaked...
  35. iPad-Sweden

    iPad GPS-software - USB Gadgets, iPhone / iPod / iPad Accessories I bought from It/my from this site, It took me 4 days to get It to Sweden, and the shipment fee Is low, but as i said before It was back In may 2010 when i upgraded to the 3G model. Now there are many more brands making car mounts...
  36. iPad-Sweden

    iPad GPS-software

    Hmm, yea It's abit different In size between a Volvo and a smart roadster ! :)
  37. iPad-Sweden

    iPad GPS-software

    Depends on what iPad car mount u use ! I myself had a mount with a short "arm" that made me have up on the windscreen and blocked my veiw, later on i bought another one with a longer "arm" and now It's below my dashboard just above my stereo, works like a sharm, but this was back im may, now...
  38. iPad-Sweden

    Recording your screen play on ipad

    This Is one way to go, and there are many other apps like this Needs to be jailbroken !! App name: displayrecorder Cydia App: Display Recorder | iJailbreak - Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV Jailbreak, Unlock, Cydia News
  39. iPad-Sweden

    Format issue?