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  1. J

    how to export keynote to imovie (on ipad)

    Hi all. Please someone help. Ive reads so many pages on the web and i found one that said i can export my presentation in keynote (on iPad) to iMovie (on iPad) to add music to the presentation. then later i found out its for the mac laptop/desktop where keynote exports quicktime. I don't...
  2. J

    Fun, iPhoto for iOS 5.1(好玩有趣的iPhoto)

    Hi, i like your post but have to ask you, when you put in your title "Secret Garden" did it show up on the slideshow presentation????
  3. J

    iPad owners average age

    im 31 and love it :)
  4. J

    wireless keyboard and ipad2 case

    i got a logitech wireless keyboard aluminum case love it snug fit so ipad doesnt fall out. love it. think it was about $100 nz tho but worth it in the end.
  5. J


    hi, thanks for having me :)