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    iOS 7: What Do You Want?

    Widgets (whatever they want to call them) and more screen customization options, swype (whatever they want to call it), better photo management. iOS is now years behind the other platforms. I like that it just works, but I find it hard to believe they can't reliably add usability improvements...
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    iPad4.. any guesses?

    I hope and expect that the next iPad will make improvements in weight and charging time, both of which went the wrong way as a result of the retina display in the new iPad and the larger battery it required. When I use mine as a reader I notice the extra ounces, and that's not a good thing...
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    Anyone feel that ipad3 battery dropping faster than ipad2?

    mine doesn't drain faster, but due to the larger battery size it sure does take longer to fully charge.
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    The New iPad

    You should take a breath and make a decision based on how you use your iPad and the new improvements. I went from a 2 to the new one because I needed more memory. Other than that and when I use the better camera, day to daiy I notice no difference between the units.
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    First impression, well....underwhelmed

    The 3 has a REALLY nice screen, but the 2 was good enough that the improvement doesn't provide an overwhelming reason to upgrade. I was expecting an obvious improvement with anything displayed, but I found pictures and movies to be marginally better. The most noticeable improvement I've seen...
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    New iPad to Go On Sale at 8: 00 A.M. This Friday

    Does anyone know if Best Buy, Wal-mart,etc, will also begin selling at 8am? With the iPad2 I remember all stores opening sales simulatneously.
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    Do you use the default 'Sent from my iPad' signature?

    No, that information is some combination of useless, pretentious and a free advertisement I don't wish to send my friends.
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    Smart Cover the same for Ipad3?

    The specs on the Apple site list the same 30pin connector as before.
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    What would you like to see in IOS 6?

    Yes to the Swype addition. Also restore full capability to the iPod player, including equalizer. Add widgets and allow more customization of screen layout.
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    Smart Cover

    I got a full leather smart cover for less than Apple's plastic'y front cover...better protection for the unit and better looking IMO. Ordered 3rd party online.
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    Heads up clue out

    That's taken as a given by TV geeks and is my experience as well...not so much the size but the floating screen effect A dark border recedes and can be ignored when you watch video on the display, whereas the white border is always "there," framing the image I realize there's kind of an Apple...
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    What Improvements expected on iPad 3?

    LOL. And the first few rumored iPad 4 features will consist of things that were rumored for the 3 (or 2s?) and didn't make it in. According to rumors from a year ago I should be staring at my iPad 2's retina display right now. :-(
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    iPad 1/2 to iPad 3???

    I have an iPad 2 and have been on the fence. If you're not a gadget geek there probably isn't an overpowering reason to upgrade unless the higher-res display or better cameras are important to what you do...and they end up actually being in the product. My wife wants mine and I could use a...
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    How do I get an iPad3?

    iPad 2 was my first Apple purchase, and my method worked better than i expected. I was determined not to stand in line for hours with the sheeple, so no Apple store or Best Buy for me, but I wanted an iPad day one since I was leaving for an extended trip the next morning. I thought about who...