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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    Battery using hotspot I have a Verizon iPhone 4, iPad 2, 32G, wifi only. I have not noticed any huge amount of excess battery drain using the hotspot. If I am lucky, I can get two days out of my iPhone before having to charge. Using the hotspot doesnt seem to eat into that. When I am using...
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    3G or WIFI? Which of the two is working right now?

    3G or Wifi I had one and got rid of it. This is very simple. When you are working in an area that has wifi and you do NOT want to use 3G. Go to Settings, Airplane Mode, On. Turning airplane mode ON is the same as doing it for your phone when you are on a plane. This turns off your 3G or...
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    To upgrade? And if so, which?

    I won it right when they were released. I may have gotten a tad better than retail by selling it. I'm in Atlanta. We got them pretty quickly. I did good selling it. If there was a jailbreak for ipad2 then no problem on tethering. Even then, however, tethering is a pain. In my area, Verizon...
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    To upgrade? And if so, which?

    U sound like me. I won a 16g. I sold it on eBay and got near retail price. I then bought a black 32g wifi only. I probably won't use even 8g in space. I just felt better having extra-just in case. In my opinion 3G depends on what phone device u hv. If AT&T, tethering is impossible. U hv to...
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    Apple Convert

    I am a lifetime windows, recently mac convert. The iPhone had me at Hello. Hv had both At@t and Verizon. iPad 1 with wifi and 3G. Now, settled in with Verizon iPhone 4, great hotspot feature, and iPad 2, 32G, wifi only. I hope to learn some thing here, and - maybe even offer a few things too.
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    Pics are sideways

    I saw from your post that you are using tapatalk to send messages. I don't know this one specifically. I do know that I have used third party mms apps in the past that changed my picture send and receive settings. Have you considered this may be causing the problem?
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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    Verizon iPhone 4 w/ wifi only iPad 2 is a perfect combination. I had at@t IPhone 3 and ipad1 w/ wifi and AT&T 3G and hated it. Phone bill averaged almost 200 per month. Separate data plan was an additional monthly payment. Switched to Verizon when they got the iPhone. Sold the iPad 1 got a 32...
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    3G or WIFI? Which of the two is working right now?

    What if u put it in Airplane Mode? Wudnt that turn off 3G using wifi by default?