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  1. K

    Videos in Safari

    Hi all, I'm sorry if this has been asked 1,000 times. I've searched and haven't found an answer. I'm into RC model gliders and, to a much lesser extent, powered aircraft. I download a lot of video from hobby websites and most of it plays fine. Occasionally, like today, I download a vid in iOS...
  2. K

    Wifi issues for ipad 3

    I am having issues with mine. It tends to stop and start. I've run several tests against my MacBook on the same wifi network and the iPad is always slower, sometimes not by much but often it takes twice as long to download a YouTube vid. I called Support and they had me reset network...
  3. K

    Youtube download issue

    Hi all, Loving my new iPad 3. There's only 1 thing that's not working well for me and unfortunately it's something I do every day. That is, watch YouTube vids. On my MacBook I'll click on 3 or4 vids to get them downloading, then I'll go browse other stuff until they're ready to watch. That...
  4. K

    Do you regret not purchasing 3G/4G

    In Australia the decision to go wifi only is easier because 4G doesn't work here. What caught me out was I didn't realise that no 4G meant no gps either. As far as network access goes, outside of wifi cover tethering with my iPhone avoids another data plan and works great. Ken
  5. K

    Any advice on things to do to pass the time on ipad2 what do you do day to day?

    How about grabbing GarageBand or Thumbjam and making music? Or taking some video and editing it into the next great indie short film. Or going over your photos with iPhoto and making them pop. Or if none of those appeal you can always use it as a chopping board :)
  6. K

    Need 1password for iPad help

    Thanks very much, that's the kind of info a new user needs ans I'm very grateful to you for providing it. Ken.
  7. K

    Storing maps?

    Want to go on a multi-day driving tour in areas where there will not be phone or network cover. Is there a way to download the maps I need beforehand and access them on my iPad when there is no network coverage?
  8. K

    Just saw this posted on a RV site I visit.

    He seems very happy with it :D
  9. K

    iPad bag

    I just bought an STM Scout and that sounds like it may be worth a look. Can't say what it's like in use but OOB quality is very good. Ken.
  10. K

    Best notetaker apps?

    Have you seen Notes Plus? I Dl'ed it yesterday and straight away used it to takes notes for a teleconference. Happy as a clam I am! It works really really well.
  11. K

    Need 1password for iPad help

    Thanks Gents, I'll just use 1password to record app logins rather than automating login. This is a good example of what is frustrating me. There is nothing on the website or on Youtube that gives simple, basic instruction on how to use the iPad version. So I didn't know what to expect from...
  12. K

    Need 1password for iPad help

    Hi all, I bought 1Password for iPad last night and so far I'm regretting it. I've known about the app for years on Mac but never used it, so I don't have it on my laptop. Now I have the app I realise that all the people singing its praises collected their passwords on their Mac and then...
  13. K


    Semel, without a GPS, apps like TomTom don't work. That is what I'm complaining about.
  14. K

    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Mine shipped today :)
  15. K


    Very excited!!!! My 64GB iPad 3 shipped today. Woo Hoo!!! It's my first ipad. I have a 3GS iphone and a 13" Macbook, an airport extreme and a 15" MBP. I'm more excited by the iPad than anything since my first iPhone. One thing I'm not happy about is that the launch event showed...