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    iPad4.. any guesses?

    Exactly, Digitimes. That says it all. There will NOT be a new iPad until AT LEAST 2013. Probably March again.
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    Siri yayyy !

    Siri for me is accurate 99.9% of the time. Dictation is very accurate on the iPad, so I imagine Siri will be too.
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    is the New 3D iOS Maps gonna be better than Google Maps ?

    To me it's not, although I know to many it is. When google release their new google maps iOS app in a few weeks I'm sure street view will be included in that. So you'll have the best of both! :)
  4. V

    Siri comfirmed for new iPad

    Nope, just the iPhone 4S and the new iPad (3rd gen).
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    New iPad 3 4G Won't Play HD YouTube Video's!

    I just played a couple of HD videos straight through and had absolutely no problem. It's nothing to do with that a A5X processor. Either it's your iPad or your connection.
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    Newb Facetime Questions

    I have an iPhone and iPad and so does my friend. When I FaceTime him, I choose to FaceTime his email (iPad) or his phone number (iPhone).
  7. V

    How to tell if you have an iPad 3?

    And the background picture on the iPad itself. On the iPad 2 it's a grey background with a light blue top and the new iPad has a picture of the sea.
  8. V

    How bright are you ?

    I have auto brightness on and have it set at 100%. The colours don't look unnatural as someone has said. And I wouldn't say it's overkill. Always have my devices at 100%.
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    How to tell if you have an iPad 3?

    So you did. Sorry :)
  10. V

    How to tell if you have an iPad 3?

    I'm surprised nobody has said that on the 3rd gen box the iPad has a different background than the iPad 2.
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    iPAd 3 in stores on 24. of february

    As far as I know, only very high up Apple employees know any information about unreleased products. I thought only a few knew about it. Anyone that high up wouldn't be stupid enough to tell the press the release date especialy as they would probably lose their job! Sounds like a load of rubbish...
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    New to this forum

    Hello, I'm Jordan and have just joined this forum. I currently own a white 16GB iPhone 4S after having upgraded from a black 16GB iPhone 4 which I passed on. Have been wanting an iPad for ages now, I keep up to date with all the rumors and will the iPad 3 hopefully just around the corner, I'll...