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    Apple iPad deserves a lawsuit?

    The kindle was designed to be read out in the sun. Some of there commercials even advertise this. The iPad is a much more complicated device, and is more delicate when it comes to heat. Even in the specs it mentions at operating temp of 90 something degrees. In direct sunlight you can easily top...
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    Considering a iPad

    The main difference between the normal ereaders (kindle,nook, etc) and the iPad is the screen. I would suggest taking a look at the nook yourself and see if the eInk is really all everything says it is. Personally i don't read near enough books to have a dedicated eInk device. The iPad works...
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    Are You Guys Familiar With The ipads Old Father?

    I started out with a Palm V. Was very jealous of the Vx, which had a huge 8MB memory vs my paltry 2mb. The PDAs really died when normal phones ( not even smart phones) could store just as much. The Palm + Phone devices gave way to blackberry's and that eventually led to the iPhone. A lot of...
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    Around for a bit now indroducing myself.

    I got my 16GB Wifi iPad last month. Loving it. I had been thinking of getting one since they were announced but couldn't justify it to myself. Finally we had a bit of unexpected money free up and my fiance urged me to get one ( Probably cause id been borrowing her laptop more and more). So...
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    Help a Droid user acclimate to iPad

    The UI of iOS devices are more locked down than your used to on the droid. Personally I like ghat because it stays consistent and more useable but others don't. Just something you'll have to get used to. As for apps try the free alternatives or the lite versions and if you like it
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    Play .wmv files?

    It's not that they made a mess of it, video formats are a mess on their own. Wmv is window's native format, kinda like .mov was for Mac. Now vlc will play it for you on a computer but on native players a lot of the decoding is done in Hardware so they only support the major formats. Long story...
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    What is the best screen protector you can buy?

    I got a cheap from eBay and once I figured out which side I was supposed to put down it's working well.
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    I usually wait until the iPad gets between 50% to 25% based on usage to charge it up. I'll also top off if I know I'll be away from an outlet for a while.
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    Memory Leakage Problems for iPad Apps

    Yes but it is unreasonable for Apple to be able guarantee that every application has no leaks. It should be up to the developer to test if their code is leak-free.
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    Got my iPad yesterday

    Also all firmware upgrades thus far require hooking up to a computer. apple doesn't do untethered upgrades for firmware. Atleast they haven't done one yet for any of the iDevices.
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    No, not *every* device should multi-task. Multi-tasking introduces overhead ( more ram, more processing power, etc). If there's no reason to run more than one program at once then you shouldn't. There are a lot of single-purposes devices in our lives that do one thing, and one thing well...
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Me too Joining the party a bit late. Got myself a 16GB Wifi-only. Considered getting the 3G model but couldn't justify the "maybe some day" chance of me using the 3G. So far love it, currently messing with Air Video. I have noticed that there are less Free/trial apps for the iPad than...