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  1. K

    The 2¢

    Look, I joined this forum so that I could learn more about the product. I have read everything there is to read about it. I have had been a long time fan and purchaser of apple products as well as MSFT other third party products. I put my money to the product or device that meets my needs the...
  2. K

    Microsoft CEO, a good sport :)

    If you anything about Steven Ballmer, you would know he loves competition. Yes, he wants to win, but he relishes a good fight. MSFT is in this space too. Did you miss the announcements at CES? CES: HP Slate preempts Apple Tablet, Sony gives up, and more - Computerworld Blogs He doesn't hate...
  3. K

    Pee-wee Even Takes Cracks at the iPad!

    Took the words right out of my mouth. It's amazing how smart Pee-wee has become in his later years. Yeah, I wonder what he did to get an early copy of it. I am sure Apple isn't too happy about what he did with his copy. LOL! Never thought about it as a drink tray. Great thinking Pee-wee!
  4. K

    The 2¢

    "Everything does the same thing, this just does it easier and better. " Really, put down the apple fan boy sauce and get serious about what you just said. I am not a hater. I am a stock holder and I am frustrated when I see releases of crap like this product with a feminine hygeine product...
  5. K

    Big ipod big deal

    I agree, Big ipod big freaking deal. Waste of money.
  6. K

    GPS not availble in the WiFi iPad

    Seriously, in this economy, who would spend $829 for the GPS and the max storage. This is so way overpriced it is not even funny. A netbook has the same to greater screen size with vastly more features. Touch is not all that. I get that with my iPhone which is where I think touch makes the most...
  7. K

    Did the iPad disapoint you?

    Swing and a miss. This definitely disappoints me. I was thinking it would have a lot more features than it does. It none of the mobility features I completely depend on with my iPhone and has not nearly the same capability I can get from a netbook that is running a full version of Win7 for much...
  8. K

    Whats your opinion on the name of the iPad?

    Horrible name. It immediately made me think of a feminine hygeine product as well as every other colleague I talked to. Besides the fact that Apple will probably end up in a legal battle over the name with Toshiba who own the copyright to that name. Was Apple thinking when they named this...
  9. K

    Threat to PCs.

    RE Threat to PCs Really? Seriously? What go go juice are you drinking cause I'd like some. Why would I pay $500 for an iPad when I can get a netbook with a full keyboard with way more horsepower, full Win7 OS, DVD player, wireless capability, etc.... for less? Most netbooks are about the same...