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    Lag in searching email address in iPad 1: also issue in iPad 2 or new iPad?

    I think this might be an IOS 5 issue as my iPhone 4 has been slow with this since upgrading to 5. Not sure if you're using IOS 5
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    Newbie question - photography workflow

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I also have PhotoSync on my iPad too although haven't used it yet. Would it be better to use this to transfer images to an from my iMac rather than iTunes? Pen
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    Newbie question - photography workflow

    Hi I am a first time owner of an iPad since my delivery on the launch date. I would like some advice though please because as a newbie, I am puzzled as to how the iPad fits in to a photography workflow. I intend to use my new iPad as part of my photography workflow with the aim of: 1)...
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    Recent antiglare recommendations - using ipad3 outside & screen protection

    Check out MediaDevil's matte anti-glare cover for iPad 2/3 (sorry - can't post link to website as this is my first post on iPad Forum). This company produces exceedingly high quality screen protectors for many kinds of mobile devices and has good customer service with video demos etc on applying...