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  1. teedubbz

    What series do you follow / like / love / hate...

    Yessssss! F off Leahy! You too Cory and Trevor :) Dexter is top notch for me! Nurse Jackie True Blood Mad Men Breaking Bad Weeds (go pretty dumb after season 3 or 4 but the new season started off good so far) Hbo used to be the choice back in the Soprano days but Showtime has taken over...
  2. teedubbz

    Locking folders?

    Folderlock (cydia) says it locks folders.. Have not used myself! Locktopus only locks apps but is great for me as I only lock a few.. T
  3. teedubbz

    Heres some of my great iPad wallies..

    Thanks D_LA_ROC! Totally mooch'n :) T
  4. teedubbz

    Official Themed & Tweaked Screenshot Gallery

    Loving the themes! I am currently using BlueIpadV2 / iconoclasm / shrink
  5. teedubbz

    Winterboard theme for ipad 2

    I'm using blueipad v2 as well and it's "border" theming all of my apps except for phonebooth, FaceTime and removeBG.. Great theme! Also, my winterboard install was slow and seemed to freeze but I just let it go and if did finish.. Took more than 10 minutes! T
  6. teedubbz

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    I'm gonna sit tight for a day or so if I can manage.. 3G 32g
  7. teedubbz

    ipad 2 or new iphone

    Excellent point! I pretty much use my phone for only calling/texting/navigation. My iPad is also pretty much with me at all times so that could be something to consider.. T
  8. teedubbz

    ipad 2 or new iphone

    I was in this same predicament when the ipad2 came out and went ahead with the purchase.. 3GS is still going strong and I can wait on my next phone purchase. iPhone5 or see what droids bring to the table by years end? Definitely do not regret my decision :) The ipad2 is certainly a blast! T
  9. teedubbz

    How often should you completely turn off your iPad?

    The period of time you have your iPad shut down is not a factor! T
  10. teedubbz

    How often should you completely turn off your iPad?

    I shut my ipad2 down every 3 days or so.. According to my XSysinfo app it clears up a ton of memory! I am a pretty heavy user so it's a good way to avoid in-app crashes (which happens rarely for me).. I would suggest it, especially if you experience any crashes or freezes.. T
  11. teedubbz

    Your most used app? 1. 2. 3.

    1. Netflix 2. IPF 3. Whatever game I happen to be into (currently; Cut The Rope) Safari, mercury browser and iBooks/kindle app as honorable mention.. Needless to say, I use my iPad a ton! T
  12. teedubbz

    Football games

    I have FIFA, PES and first touch.. Like them all but I usually find myself going to first touch more frequently.. Fortunately, none of them are too expensive (especially when FIFA is on sale for .99) so I just put em all on the iPad :) Have fun on the pitch! T
  13. teedubbz


    Oops! I did mean let's golf 1 and 2 not hot shot! Is there an edit option?
  14. teedubbz


    For a not so realistic approach but the funnest golf game I've played by far on the iPad it's definitely SSG! Super stick golf, and it's quite fun and challenging.. Its an app I think any golf game fan would enjoy no matter the presentation! I am a fan of hot shots golf 1 and 2 (2 didn't add...
  15. teedubbz


    I have 1 DVD at a time and am having no problems streaming! Already blown through several seasons of rescue me.. Wishing they had the shield in the works :(
  16. teedubbz

    Best browser?

    + 1 for Mercury! Liking the features and it is not crashing... Flash being something I don't need, Mercury works great for me!
  17. teedubbz

    Are you a fan of jailbreaking?

    Thx guys! This made my evening :)
  18. teedubbz

    sky fm

    Agree! Tunein is my most used app!
  19. teedubbz

    HDMI Cable has great deals on any and all cables.. You don't need to spend $50 on hdmi! Figure out how many feet you need and you're set! T
  20. teedubbz

    Ea sale..

    Reckless racing / Deadspace / FIFA for me! Deadspace for .99 is a really sweet deal! Glad I waited!!
  21. teedubbz

    DoDo Case

    Glad you enjoy yours! I got my DoDo a week ago and so far, I'm satisfied with it! Great quality but it is somewhat pricey comparatively! One thing I wish it featured was a better stand.. It works as a stand to a degree but not so well on a smoother/slicker surface... I just hope the case...
  22. teedubbz

    Roger iwand sale.

    HK I was looking at the Roger and it's pretty cool too! I may just make a play on that one since it's a bit cheaper.. T
  23. teedubbz

    Roger iwand sale.

    Let's hope for a third!
  24. teedubbz

    Forum noob!

    Hey all! Got an ipad2 3G Verizon 32 at launch (not an original ipad1 owner) and just wanted to say "hey now"! I very much enjoy the forum and knowledge/info it has brought to me and my wonderful new lover/iPad ;) I wish it was AT&T or just plain wifi but I got what they had.. Hopefully the...
  25. teedubbz

    Roger iwand sale.

    Would love to get the terminator! 3-packs on sale! Anyone want one I could get a 3-pack and we would save $15 each?