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  1. Contra

    Ok, new question

    What is the single most thing you like about your iPad mini. You must narrow it down to 1 thing only... Mine is the thickness/thinness Sent from my iPad mini using iPF
  2. Contra

    Wireless provider for iPad mini

    Who here uses a wireless unit for their iPad mini either Tethered to their phone as a hotspot or using a separate unit as a hotspot and what service to you use? Other than a built in iPad unit Sent from my iPad mini using iPF
  3. Contra

    Home automation!

    Ones anyone use their iPad for home automation? And if so, it it in a wall or portable? If it is in a a pic... Sent from my iPad mini using iPF
  4. Contra

    How do i get audio to come out of the lighting connector?

    If I can't I guy I can through the 3.5 mm port but I want to mount it in my car and in my house wall Sent from my iPad mini using iPF
  5. Contra

    Anyone ever use an Android tablet?

    On my android tablet I used a program called tablet talk it allows me to Bluetooth my SMS text messages from my tablet to my phone and vice versa then it sends out the messages through my phone, so no matter where I use my phone whether it be in Wi-Fi or not it sends it through my data plan...
  6. Contra

    Email app

    Looking for an email app, mainly I want the ability to sent stuff the the junk folder and mark it much junk incoming...any suggestions? Sent from my iPad mini using iPF
  7. Contra

    Chi Power

    they should make the next gen iPad with ability to do Chi Power
  8. Contra

    Tough case

    who here uses a tough case such as a Griffin Survivor or Otter Box or similar also any generic case like them...brand doesn't matter just as long as it is a heavy duty style case and include pics...we love pics I ordered one and it will be here Friday the 14th :)
  9. Contra

    Went to the Apple store this morning

    for the workshop, I took my new toy (my mini) i can honestly say I didn't learn anything, but did the rep learned today about mapping a virtual drive and how "Documents" worked I was actually wanting to see if they had some to teach that I didn't already know the kid there was...
  10. Contra


    anyone get it to work properly, it for me says it sent, but it didn't really...i have the phone here in front of me that it should have sent to
  11. Contra

    new and looking for help

    Looking to trade for an iPad2 3g, do I need to look at the SIM card and se if there is a balance with the phone company or does it not matter since there is no attachment much like you would get with sprint? and if so do SIM cards cost alot? also is there any thing special I need to look out...
  12. Contra

    Invalid security code?

    He app store is saying my credit card security code is invalid I have purchased a few other things thought the store before, so I guess the validation program,computer or hamster is just on strike Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  13. Contra

    Jailbreak is it ok?

    Well I flashed my Nookcolor a while back And it work so much better, I can do everything I could before and it releases things the manufacturer hid, like did you know the Nookcolor Has a Bluetooth capability ? Well to the point The flash,jailbreak, or hacking method did leave 1 minor...
  14. Contra

    I thoght this was funny

    Here is a pic of a person using an iPad to take a pic I took the pic with my iPad 2 lol Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  15. Contra

    New the the Apple world

    AMD new to the Apple world the only other Apple product I have had is an iPod I have had other tablets such as a Fujitsu I used for work, it used Windows And recently an Asus Transformer, and I love my iPad 2 by far, I use it for nearly everything including most browsing and posting to...
  16. Contra much fun

    Ol...I love my new ipad2 , I have a 6 core AMD Phenom and a 2 gig Nvidia card in my custom (built by me) aluminum cube with a 40" monitor And I am on this tablet much apps make it do much fun. The sound and the portability to take the iPad in different rooms and watch Netflix...
  17. Contra

    How? To save wallpaper

    Am new to the iPad, so can someone tell me how to save and implement a wallpaper? Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  18. Contra

    I gotta say i really love this

    THe ipf app is an awesomely well done app thanks guys Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF