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    People Magazine App

    I am using it,i like it but editions are too expensive.
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    Jailbreaking OMG!

    I suggest dont jailbreak.I did so and my ipad crashed after about 3 weeks and would not start anymore,i was very lucky i was able to restore to 3.2.1.Now it is stable and the apps are so cheap to buy from the itunes store.The only thing i miss about jailbreak is backgrounder.Look around here and...
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    iOS 3.2.1 WARNING

    You can also download 3.2 fw and install it when needed.
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    Question About Backgrounder

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    Question About Backgrounder

    Hi,how do i stop an app being in the backgrond ? For example if i background a radio app and have music playing in the background and want to stop the app so there is no more music,besides restaring the ipad,how can i stop the app? Thanks
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    Tonight's the 5year old test

    make sure you let us know how it went
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    Crosswords Is Great

    I bought the app crosswords a few days ago and love it.You can download new crosswords everyday and its fun for hours. I am coming rather addicted too it.Well worth the $12.99 i spent on it...
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    iBooks update has been released!!!

    ok,all is good now,i have got them all added. I had to put each pdf into its own folder then add it,well it worked anyway..i love the ibooks pdf reader,its better than any other pdf reader. :)
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    Ipad and pdf's

    I have tried several pdf readers and now using ibooks to read my files,some are over 500 pages.Ibooks is the best for reading pdf file imho.
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    Popular PDF Viewers Tested (Large PDF)

    i like fast pdf for magazine pdf's,it has a bookshelf and also it is very easy to change pages,with large pdf's it did not crash for me.The only downside is that it cant handle to may mags ,the whole app crashed when i had about 30 mags on it.
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    kindle app DESTROYS ibooks imo

    You buy books :D
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    iBooks update has been released!!!

    ok,i have updated to itunes 9.2,but it seems unstable as far as adding pdf files. There are some pdf files it wont let me add,but i have no problems adding them with other pdf apps. Some that i have added successfully took me several tries at dragging them to the library before they were added...
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    apps wont install

    Yes that did it,I tried rebooting iPad but still had problem,as soon as I rebooted pc it fixed the problem.Strange though I was still about to surf Internet when I has this problem..thanks
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    iBooks update has been released!!!

    Ok thanks,now I know what it is,I thought it was just a iBooks update thAt was needed.
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    apps wont install

    Had this problem just happen,i have jb ipad. I went to install kindle and it just says "waiting",it wont download ,any idea wwhts happened and how can i remove the waiting icon. I tried also with another app and it done the same,so now i have 2 waiting icons on my ipad desktop.
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    iBooks update has been released!!!

    No i didnt update itunes,i am using,i dont want to update itunes at this stage.
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    iBooks update has been released!!!

    When i try and drag PDF files into my the books icon under devices on itunes a message says that it didnt copy the PDF because it wouldnt play on my ipad and when i try and drag it into the book icon in my itunes library nothing happens.I have also tried to add a pdf through itunes/file/add...
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    Dab+ radio tuner ?

    Hi does anyone know if there is a Dab+ radio tuner app for the iPad thanks
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    iBooks update has been released!!!

    Tried that didnt work.
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    iBooks update has been released!!!

    Still cant add PDF's to Ibooks.
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    When will native PDF file support be available?

    You should try "Fast PDF" app,i like it better than goodreader imo,it has the bookshelf layout like ibooks..
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    iTunes update

    Would it be possible to uninstall 9.2 and then install 9.1 again ??
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    Opening PDF Packages ?

    i bought goodreader and fast pdf,i ended up using fast pdf..i like it better..
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    Not Getting Charged For Apps

    Damn,the invoice just came in :(
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    Not Getting Charged For Apps

    LOL that wont happen to me,i only bought about $20 worth of apps :p
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    Not Getting Charged For Apps

    ok..thanks :( lol ..i thought so
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    Not Getting Charged For Apps

    Hi all I got my Ipad 3 days ago and immediately started purchasing apps from Itunes. Well since then i have bought about 10 apps and games from Itunes. When i checked my bank account recently i have noticed they have charged me for only the first app and none of the rest :D. The apps all...